Katinka's Missteps

So let me tell you about Miss Katinka and how her excitement led her into getting a mouth full of blood and a ripped chin.  
Kevin was taking her out to go potty and he said "Let's go in!" (she was done) and she was so excited and started to run up the steps into our house and missed a step and ran her face into the step!  She screamed REALLY LOUD and that is how I knew something was wrong.
I was inside during all this and thought "What did Kevin do?" Not like he would do anything but just was worried.  Then I ran outside and Kevin was holding her and she was licking something in her mouth.  I noticed it was all bloody and thought she knocked a tooth out but no she cut her chin open.  
I felt so bad and gave her tons of dog treats which she ate so you know it can't be that bad.  Obviously humans get scraped up knees (like kids) and whatnot and its fine but I had never had a dog bleed.  So I was just worried.  It bled for awhile and was still red the next couple of days.  It was time to take her to the vet for a typical check up so I called and brought her in and asked about it.  They said to keep an eye on her but thought she was fine.  Ah, she was so pathetic.  Anyway, here she is! Clumsy woman!
 Yes that is her bloody chin.
Love her.

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  1. ohhh no! poor little gal...I am glad she is feeling better! :)