An Italian Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a good day.  
My aunt NaNet's birthday is on Christmas Eve so we ate an early lunch at Tres Margaritas with cousins and grandparents.  I think tamales are great.
Then we hit up Outpost Sunsport and got some of my siblings and mom some more ski/snowboard gear. We will be in Breckenridge for almost a week to ski/snowboard after Christmas!!! :)
Then we ran errands and tried to get last minute Christmas presents.  
I helped wrapping presents.  I love wrapping presents.  Maybe I should work at one of those booths in the mall that wrap presents...but I need to get better at wrapping the sides more tight.
Then I helped Kevin make a ornate Italian dinner!  
He made a homemade ragu style sauce of freshly cut up oregano, basil, tomatoes, onions, meat, and more special ingredients to go with penne pasta.  I cut up a loaf of bread that Kevin made a nice Italian "salsa" to put on top of it.  The "salsa" was tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and other things.  We made caprese salad.  We bought Grisini crunchy long bread things.  We also cut up apricots and kiwi and made a nice fruit bowl.  There was also fresh parmeson and some cheese that northern Italians like to eat--especially in a place he went on his mission.  The cheese was kind of soft and I think it was actually goat cheese.  We also had a variety of olives and some San Pellegrino (bubbly water).  No one liked the San Pellegrino...I think it is nasty.
And to top it off we had TIRAMISU!  By the way, Kevin makes BOMB tiramisu...I am OBSESSED. Officially, we all loved it!
Everyone minus muah (the photographer).
Left to right: Mom, Zach, Kelsi, Hunter, Dad, Patrick, & Kevin.
 Kind of a bad picture but you can see some of the food.
 Kevin and his BOMB tiramisu.
 Then we read the Christmas story out of the Book of Mormon/Bible and each opened up one present.  Then we finished the night with Elf and fell asleep...
Holidays are the best!

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  1. yay kevin!

    you know, I never have tasted any of his tiramisu, but I've heard a lot about it.

    raincheck for next time please!