Inlaws in town

Kevin's parents came in town to hangout for the weekend specifically Dec. 2-5 (Thursday-Sunday).  It was a lot of fun! I requested and got off work for Friday and Saturday which was great.  They came Thursday night and we ate at In 'n' Out.  They were so cute and brought us a pecan pie mix in a jar and a dog Christmas ornament (you put the dogs paw print --miss Katinka-- in it and it dries).  I've always wanted one of those!  We met up on Friday (after a morning of classes/assignments) and went to eat lunch at Happy Sumo and walked around the Shops at the Riverwoods.  If you have never been there -Happy Sumo- it is great.  They have little private booths which are sweet and even a good selection of non-seafood/sushi food.  I usually get the Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken.  OH and I had edamame for the first time!!! Now that stuff is good! We also hit up Farr's Fresh and got some amazing frozen yogurt.  We chilled and relaxed at our apartment and Katinka ran around like crazy.  She loves them.  We had dinner at Chef's Table which never disappoints.  We also listened to a great pianist who played Claire De lune and there went all of our money in our wallets...haha great song.
Then Saturday we drove down to Salt Lake City and shopped around at the Gateway (I got some Christmas presents- cute stuff from Anne Taylor Loft/and not Loft).  Kevin's mom (Kathy) works there and always has the cutest clothes!  They also have a great discount of 50%...makes me want to work retail!!! But that would be so tempting to buy new clothes!!!  Then we went to the BYU vs. Hawaii Basketball game at the Energy Solutions arena.  We looked at the lights and got a tour of the conference center.  
Here we are!
Thanks for coming Greg & Kathy! We had so much fun! Miss you and love you!

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