Free Ruth's Chris Steakhouse!

In church, Kevin's calling is the Ward Executive Secretary, so he is in the bishopric.  He goes to church 3.5 hours early until church starts every Sunday as well as a couple hours every Tuesday night.  He does a bunch of stuff! So he has gotten to be good friends with the Bishop as well as others like the Svobodas (sp?) & the Youngs.  Our Bishop is a very successful business man and Kevin really likes him because they talk about business ideas as well as hunting... Our bishop is a HUGE hunter.  He is legit.  Museums have been calling him for years to acquire his stuffed animals he shot- one of which is the BYU Bean museum or something like that (never gone to it). 
Anyways, he invited 9 couples up (the ones in the bishopric) to celebrate the holidays at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Dec. 15.  He is a part-owner in a hotel up in Park City and it's the one with the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse so we all carpooled up there and dressed up!
Ephraim & Stephi Svoboda (Sp?- they are both European and so hilarious- Ephraim is Swiss and Stephi is German)
Here we are...
Most of the group!
It was a fun night for sure.  We got all fancy and had an incredible dinner.  I just would not want to be the one who picked up the tab!  Everyone got lemonades, appetizers, meat (at least $40 per little filet), sides, and desserts!  Thanks Bishop Phillips!  You are the best!

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