East Moon & Dad's Birthday

My dad's birthday is two days after Christmas (Dec. 27) and we decided to celebrate a few days early on Dec. 22, before all the shenanigans goes down. My dad picked up Kevin and I from the airport and drove straight to East Moon.  East Moon is a hibachi style Japanese steakhouse.  The food was really good and it was a lot of fun!  I told one of the workers it was my dad's birthday and they brought him a dessert.  Happy Birthday dad!
Waiting for the food to be cooked...
My Opi (German for Grandpa/my mom's dad) started taking tons of pictures...he always does!
Kelsi, Omi (German grandma on my mom's side), mom, & me- 3 Generations!
 Dad and his parents...!
 Left to right: Hunter, dad, Grandma, & Grandpa
My dad served his mission in Tokyo, Japan so he loves Japanese food, which is why we went here.  For his birthday present Kevin, Kelsi, and I got him a sushi kit (bamboo mats/spoon) along with seaweed, crab meat, shrimp, cream cheese, salmon, and more.  He has never made sushi before so it will be fun to teach him!
I love you dad!

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  1. HOly Cow. I love you guys. We need to get together when we get home. Breakfast?