Black Friday Deal

So my HP computer is as old as late summer of 2008 (right before I started my first classes at the Marriott School of Management) and it had been a pretty good computer until I don't know a year? Long story short, I sent it in to Best Buy twice and got it back and they didn't fix all of the problems which was freaking annoying.  The two-year warranty expired this past summer of 2010 and it was still having issues.  They replaced the motherboard aka basically the whole computer in February of 2010 and yes it was found that it was failing again when I took it in to a computer dude this fall.  My computer didn't work when the battery was in, so I had to plug it in everytime I wanted to use it.  Then I would push the on button aprox. 8 times and it usually would start up.  Then about 40% of that time when it started up which always took at least 10 min., it would get a black screen or a striped vertical screen and then you had to turn it off and try again. It was SO annoying with school!!!

Long story short, Kevin made a Mexican friend.  This Mexican guy named Pablo set up a tent outside of Best Buy in Provo, Utah on Wednesday before Black Friday.  Kevin said he would pay him for a ticket for a computer.  The computer is a 17" Toshiba laptop for $199.  The problem was that there would be at least 3 of the laptops at each store...and people were already camping out since Wednesday.

Anywho, so we head over at 3am, Best Buy hands out tickets at 5am, and the store opens at 6am... Kevin goes up to Pablo and they still have a deal... When the doors are about to open people are like freaking out and almost starting fights so I decided to stay in the car haha. Pablo got the ticket and Kevin paid him $40 and so basically I got a laptop for $240!!! (It would prob retail for $600ish.)  And they had some good Best Buy Geek Squad warranty deals and crap and if you know Kevin you know he loves his warranties...so he got one haha.  Downside is there is no web-cam so no more Skype! Oh well. It was freaking dang cheap!

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