Kelsi's Farewell Talk & Open House

Kelsi spoke at church Dec. 26, 2010.  Her talk was great and everyone enjoyed it.  After church there was an open house from 3-5pm.  Here are some pics!
The cake!
 Guarana- Brazilian drink
Kelsi and some of the little snacks... she made Brazilian cheese balls (like at Tucanos or Rodizio grill) and some Brazilian chocolate treats.
 Kevin & Dad.
 Kelsi & me.
 Both my grandmas- Omi & Grandma!
 Both my grandparents- Opi, Omi, Grandma, & Grandpa.
 Emily & me.  She came to both the talk and open house!
 Dad, Kelsi, & Mom.
You will do great Sister Gormley!

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!  
Here's what down in the Gormley house: 
We slept in and then found what Santa brought us.  Every year Santa brings everyone a new ornament; Kevin got a baseball Santa and I got a little cupcake.
We ate some breakfast and opened up the presents.
Kevin got a snowboard, boots, and bindings! 
(We actually got this stuff in Utah and took this pic there...look at little Katinka creeping on the couch!)
And he got this bomb Zephyr BYU snapback.
I got clothes, the Eclipse dvd, The Little Princess dvd (don't you love that movie?), planner, super cute dog journal from Barnes & Noble, and some other random things.
Katinka got a new collar and winter coat as well as dog charms from Kelsi (as a joke ha).  The dog charms are charms that you hang from a dog's collar.  One says "Talk to the paw."
Now since we are married we do not get every sibling a present.  This year we had Zach.  We got him a wallet that he really wanted.  
Here is a pic of Zach yo-yoing...and no he is not albino, my camera is ghetto sometimes!
Patrick had Kevin and I and he picked out a shirt for each of us from The Buckle.  Patrick is trying to get Kevin to have a style I think...ha.
We got my mom money for some fancy nail polish she wants to order online (with protein).
And we got my dad a brownie pan that makes perfectly cut brownies...he is obsessed with brownies!
Then we just hungout the rest of the day relaxing and doing whatever.  I blogged a lot (obviously) and we watched The Little Princess, some of Eclipse, and Despicable Me.
Kevin played NHL Hockey with Patrick for multiple hours...
We had a great dinner of honey baked ham, potatoes, and broccoli!
Merry Christmas!

An Italian Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a good day.  
My aunt NaNet's birthday is on Christmas Eve so we ate an early lunch at Tres Margaritas with cousins and grandparents.  I think tamales are great.
Then we hit up Outpost Sunsport and got some of my siblings and mom some more ski/snowboard gear. We will be in Breckenridge for almost a week to ski/snowboard after Christmas!!! :)
Then we ran errands and tried to get last minute Christmas presents.  
I helped wrapping presents.  I love wrapping presents.  Maybe I should work at one of those booths in the mall that wrap presents...but I need to get better at wrapping the sides more tight.
Then I helped Kevin make a ornate Italian dinner!  
He made a homemade ragu style sauce of freshly cut up oregano, basil, tomatoes, onions, meat, and more special ingredients to go with penne pasta.  I cut up a loaf of bread that Kevin made a nice Italian "salsa" to put on top of it.  The "salsa" was tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and other things.  We made caprese salad.  We bought Grisini crunchy long bread things.  We also cut up apricots and kiwi and made a nice fruit bowl.  There was also fresh parmeson and some cheese that northern Italians like to eat--especially in a place he went on his mission.  The cheese was kind of soft and I think it was actually goat cheese.  We also had a variety of olives and some San Pellegrino (bubbly water).  No one liked the San Pellegrino...I think it is nasty.
And to top it off we had TIRAMISU!  By the way, Kevin makes BOMB tiramisu...I am OBSESSED. Officially, we all loved it!
Everyone minus muah (the photographer).
Left to right: Mom, Zach, Kelsi, Hunter, Dad, Patrick, & Kevin.
 Kind of a bad picture but you can see some of the food.
 Kevin and his BOMB tiramisu.
 Then we read the Christmas story out of the Book of Mormon/Bible and each opened up one present.  Then we finished the night with Elf and fell asleep...
Holidays are the best!

Kelsi's Special Day

Kelsi is going on a mission to Sao Paulo, Brazil...and heading into the Provo MTC on Jan. 12, 2010!   So it is coming up WAY fast!  We all drove up to Denver on Dec. 23, 2010 and went to the temple for Kelsi to go through.  It was neat going into the temple because the last time we were here was when Kevin and I got married in August 8, 2008!  Here are some pictures!
Mom, Kelsi (in her missionary clothes!), Omi, Dad, me, Kevin
 Opi, Omi, Kevin, me, Mom, Kelsi, & Dad
Kevin & me...love him...nice picture thanks to my Opi! (grandpa in German)
Reminded me of us posing when we just got married!!!
After we went through we all ate dinner at the Grand Luxe Cafe at the Park Meadows Mall...PS. I LOVE THAT MALL!  Anyways, the restaurant is JUST like The Cheesecake Factory but a little cheaper.  I swear it has to be the same company that made it because it feels and looks just like it!  That is actually the restaurant we ate at after I went through the temple for the first time! Maybe it will be a tradition for my siblings!  Then the boys headed home and my mom, Kelsi, and me went to a couple of stores in the mall.  We visited the Franklin Planner store and if you know me I always have a PLANNER.  I was thinking about getting a Franklin Planner (my mom always gets me one each Christmas because she is just like me and has one always) but decided to go with something less intense, haha.  We drove home from Denver, hit up Barnes & Noble (shout out to all: they have the cutest journals/planners), and grabbed a gift card at Cinemark for a friend.  
Then we all hung out at home and Emily came over.  Emily is my friend (who was a bridesmaid) from junior high.  She works at Whole Foods...in case you've been MIA, Whole Foods is an organic and all natural grocery store and is a really good place to work...great benefits...health insurance...whatnot.  I'm pretty sure they are a Fortune something company...anyways, so Kevin was going to make a big Italian dinner the next day (24th/Christmas Eve) and was going to make tiramisu so we went to Whole Foods.  Emily had just gotten off work but was nice enough to go back with us!  She cut open some fruit for us to try and showed us the best goods for the meal.  
We totally tried this fruit...it is called...
Buddhas Hand Citron
Apparently it is a citrus fruit that people put in yogurts and on top of ice cream...really random! It actually looks like a claw...and if you ask me I think it is creepy.
Then we went home and made the tiramisu which had to sit out all night in the fridge.....and by the way it was INCREDIBLE!!!
It was a long and busy but good day!


East Moon & Dad's Birthday

My dad's birthday is two days after Christmas (Dec. 27) and we decided to celebrate a few days early on Dec. 22, before all the shenanigans goes down. My dad picked up Kevin and I from the airport and drove straight to East Moon.  East Moon is a hibachi style Japanese steakhouse.  The food was really good and it was a lot of fun!  I told one of the workers it was my dad's birthday and they brought him a dessert.  Happy Birthday dad!
Waiting for the food to be cooked...
My Opi (German for Grandpa/my mom's dad) started taking tons of pictures...he always does!
Kelsi, Omi (German grandma on my mom's side), mom, & me- 3 Generations!
 Dad and his parents...!
 Left to right: Hunter, dad, Grandma, & Grandpa
My dad served his mission in Tokyo, Japan so he loves Japanese food, which is why we went here.  For his birthday present Kevin, Kelsi, and I got him a sushi kit (bamboo mats/spoon) along with seaweed, crab meat, shrimp, cream cheese, salmon, and more.  He has never made sushi before so it will be fun to teach him!
I love you dad!

Siegfried's & the Nutcracker

I planned a date night and bought tickets to go see Ballet West's The Nutcracker!  I wasn't sure if Kevin would be willing to go but I brought up the idea and he was okay with it.  Anyways, so Ballet West is an incredible dance company based out of Salt Lake City and all of the dancers have been training for years and most of which are from other parts of the US or even from other countries.  We saw the performance Dec. 20 so this past Monday.  
AND I decided to go along with the dance performance that we would eat at Siegfried's Delicatessen -an authentic German restaurant!  Kevin had never ate there and I had been wanting to take him for awhile now.  I had been once with my mom and loved it.  Incase you really don't know me I am a big part German so I love German food and ate it every once in awhile growing up!
Here is Kevin with his bratwurst, cold German potato salad, and saurkraut...!
 And me with my goulash mit spaetzle!
 I gave us a TON of time to eat and get to the theater and little did I know but the German restaurant was RIGHT next to the theater so we had a ton of time!  So we are here waiting like an hour before the performance started...and we couldn't get into the theater until like half an hour beforehand...or something like that!
All excited!
 Kevin with a larger-than-life-size Nutcracker! He liked it so much he asked some workers if they were for sale and how much they were ha!
Just had to throw this in here-- this is the performance poster-- kind of creepy...they should have had a ballerina in it...although this creeper is a dancer ha.
 Being cheap lame college students I got the cheapest tickets which were $18...and the most expensive were $74.  So we walked up two flights of stairs and ended up in the nosebleed section haha and...it was very high up.  Here is Kevin with some German chocolate we got at the restaurant!  LUCKILY at intermission we moved to some seats Kevin had scouted out during the performance.  The seats we moved to were literally the best seats of the balcony and were def $74 seats...so they were incredible! So glad we made the switch...we could actually see the dancers faces!  I get so mesmerized by ballet...I wish I could be as good as them!
 It was such a great night...I would love to go to many more Ballet West performances!

12 Days of Christmas

Anyone do the 12 days of Christmas for someone before? I'm sure many of you have.  
This year the employees who work on the 'Sequoia East' unit decided to do it for the 13 girls there.  So I'm one of five employees who work the unit and we all did a few days! The girls had no idea who was delivering random gifts and would get SO excited every time they got one!  They really enjoy the simple gifts especially food!  I'm pretty sure whoever is working today was going to announce who put on the 12 days of Christmas. 
Here is just one of the days I had... 4 Calling Birds! 
In it I had little whistles and they all blew them for approx. 5 minutes after they got them haha.

Free Ruth's Chris Steakhouse!

In church, Kevin's calling is the Ward Executive Secretary, so he is in the bishopric.  He goes to church 3.5 hours early until church starts every Sunday as well as a couple hours every Tuesday night.  He does a bunch of stuff! So he has gotten to be good friends with the Bishop as well as others like the Svobodas (sp?) & the Youngs.  Our Bishop is a very successful business man and Kevin really likes him because they talk about business ideas as well as hunting... Our bishop is a HUGE hunter.  He is legit.  Museums have been calling him for years to acquire his stuffed animals he shot- one of which is the BYU Bean museum or something like that (never gone to it). 
Anyways, he invited 9 couples up (the ones in the bishopric) to celebrate the holidays at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Dec. 15.  He is a part-owner in a hotel up in Park City and it's the one with the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse so we all carpooled up there and dressed up!
Ephraim & Stephi Svoboda (Sp?- they are both European and so hilarious- Ephraim is Swiss and Stephi is German)
Here we are...
Most of the group!
It was a fun night for sure.  We got all fancy and had an incredible dinner.  I just would not want to be the one who picked up the tab!  Everyone got lemonades, appetizers, meat (at least $40 per little filet), sides, and desserts!  Thanks Bishop Phillips!  You are the best!


Inlaws in town

Kevin's parents came in town to hangout for the weekend specifically Dec. 2-5 (Thursday-Sunday).  It was a lot of fun! I requested and got off work for Friday and Saturday which was great.  They came Thursday night and we ate at In 'n' Out.  They were so cute and brought us a pecan pie mix in a jar and a dog Christmas ornament (you put the dogs paw print --miss Katinka-- in it and it dries).  I've always wanted one of those!  We met up on Friday (after a morning of classes/assignments) and went to eat lunch at Happy Sumo and walked around the Shops at the Riverwoods.  If you have never been there -Happy Sumo- it is great.  They have little private booths which are sweet and even a good selection of non-seafood/sushi food.  I usually get the Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken.  OH and I had edamame for the first time!!! Now that stuff is good! We also hit up Farr's Fresh and got some amazing frozen yogurt.  We chilled and relaxed at our apartment and Katinka ran around like crazy.  She loves them.  We had dinner at Chef's Table which never disappoints.  We also listened to a great pianist who played Claire De lune and there went all of our money in our wallets...haha great song.
Then Saturday we drove down to Salt Lake City and shopped around at the Gateway (I got some Christmas presents- cute stuff from Anne Taylor Loft/and not Loft).  Kevin's mom (Kathy) works there and always has the cutest clothes!  They also have a great discount of 50%...makes me want to work retail!!! But that would be so tempting to buy new clothes!!!  Then we went to the BYU vs. Hawaii Basketball game at the Energy Solutions arena.  We looked at the lights and got a tour of the conference center.  
Here we are!
Thanks for coming Greg & Kathy! We had so much fun! Miss you and love you!

Black Friday Deal

So my HP computer is as old as late summer of 2008 (right before I started my first classes at the Marriott School of Management) and it had been a pretty good computer until I don't know a year? Long story short, I sent it in to Best Buy twice and got it back and they didn't fix all of the problems which was freaking annoying.  The two-year warranty expired this past summer of 2010 and it was still having issues.  They replaced the motherboard aka basically the whole computer in February of 2010 and yes it was found that it was failing again when I took it in to a computer dude this fall.  My computer didn't work when the battery was in, so I had to plug it in everytime I wanted to use it.  Then I would push the on button aprox. 8 times and it usually would start up.  Then about 40% of that time when it started up which always took at least 10 min., it would get a black screen or a striped vertical screen and then you had to turn it off and try again. It was SO annoying with school!!!

Long story short, Kevin made a Mexican friend.  This Mexican guy named Pablo set up a tent outside of Best Buy in Provo, Utah on Wednesday before Black Friday.  Kevin said he would pay him for a ticket for a computer.  The computer is a 17" Toshiba laptop for $199.  The problem was that there would be at least 3 of the laptops at each store...and people were already camping out since Wednesday.

Anywho, so we head over at 3am, Best Buy hands out tickets at 5am, and the store opens at 6am... Kevin goes up to Pablo and they still have a deal... When the doors are about to open people are like freaking out and almost starting fights so I decided to stay in the car haha. Pablo got the ticket and Kevin paid him $40 and so basically I got a laptop for $240!!! (It would prob retail for $600ish.)  And they had some good Best Buy Geek Squad warranty deals and crap and if you know Kevin you know he loves his warranties...so he got one haha.  Downside is there is no web-cam so no more Skype! Oh well. It was freaking dang cheap!

Yes we had Thanksgiving too

So clearly I don't blog a lot because I am busy and finally am blogging about Thanksgiving right on Christmas Eve but here is our setting for our Thanksgiving dinner!!!  People kept asking us who we were having Thanksgiving dinner with and we had it with ourselves....and Katinka.  And it was a lot of fun! We made: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes (Ok I peeled 9 lbs. Truth. And didn't realize it was too many), blueberry muffins, rhodes rolls, spinach salad, peaches, sweet potato casserole, and had pumpkin pie for dessert! We both fed Katinka a lot of human food which wasn't good because she stopped eating her dog food for a week...haha.  Then she ate dog food once she realized we weren't giving her anymore human food.  Anyways, we decided we were thankful for a lot of things and both named 10 things.  Here is some of what I remember, but clearly we are thankful for a lot more!
1.  Church (gospel, whatever is relevent)
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Katinka (family/friend but an animal)
5. Place to live
6. Food to eat
7. Being able to attend BYU *best school ever...but really*
8. Cars
9. Jobs
10. Temples (Church 1.)
 And a lot more.
Anyways, it was a great day of relaxation and cooking! It was so nice to take a day off from school work *actually I may have done a little haha I don't remember* and WORK and a day where I can actually see Kevin for most of it!!!


Katinka's Missteps

So let me tell you about Miss Katinka and how her excitement led her into getting a mouth full of blood and a ripped chin.  
Kevin was taking her out to go potty and he said "Let's go in!" (she was done) and she was so excited and started to run up the steps into our house and missed a step and ran her face into the step!  She screamed REALLY LOUD and that is how I knew something was wrong.
I was inside during all this and thought "What did Kevin do?" Not like he would do anything but just was worried.  Then I ran outside and Kevin was holding her and she was licking something in her mouth.  I noticed it was all bloody and thought she knocked a tooth out but no she cut her chin open.  
I felt so bad and gave her tons of dog treats which she ate so you know it can't be that bad.  Obviously humans get scraped up knees (like kids) and whatnot and its fine but I had never had a dog bleed.  So I was just worried.  It bled for awhile and was still red the next couple of days.  It was time to take her to the vet for a typical check up so I called and brought her in and asked about it.  They said to keep an eye on her but thought she was fine.  Ah, she was so pathetic.  Anyway, here she is! Clumsy woman!
 Yes that is her bloody chin.
Love her.

Christmas Cheer

I love Christmas. It is great. And I love decorating for Christmas.  I got to snag a $25 Christmas tree from Target on Black Friday weekend. You can tell it is cheap, but it was cheap.  And it is pre-lit.  Here is Kevin with most of our ornaments on the tree!!!  I can't wait till we have a home and I can go all out!!!
PS. He is holding and showing ornaments that he got from an Italian family on his mission!


Festival of Lights

Kevin, me, Ben, and Amanda went to the Festival of Lights at the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork....on Nov. 5.  This is what it was!
It was on a Saturday and I got off work and then went home and changed.  I had no clue what it was like there and Ben told me I had to wear one of those things that goes over their hair/face...so I brought my scarf.  I didn't know if that was a joke or a legit thing.  I didn't end up wearing it like that...but it was funny.  So we all met Amanda up there. Amanda is in the Photography major at BYU and she had to interview some Indians who celebrate this festival so she was running around interviewing people and taking pictures before we got there.
If you know me...you know my favorite animal is an ELEPHANT!!!
 Just a sweet bird in a cage...who talked...and it freaked us out.
 The bird would say whatever we wanted so the boys made it say "Ashley!"
 Here is a view of the whole temple...Ben & Kev...and Kev being really unique? Lol.
Anyone seen The Little Princess? Does these Indian people remind you of it?!?! The blue man on the left is like a character that is in the movie, that the little girl would talk about in *a story* to the other girls in the orphanage...ahh love that movie! I'm actually even asking for it for Christmas!
Then we got authentic Indian food which was actually Vegetarian and it was real good! SO unique and not like anything I've ever had at The Bombay House...however, I always get the Chicken Tikka Masala...so I'm not that adventurous.  It was tasty!  Then we watched a classical Indian dancer and she was fabulous...then we headed back home.  I would love to go to India sometime!!!  Oh, and during the dance performance an Indian couple was next to me, and when the dancer was walking on, I showed them some cool Indian hand moves *that the dancers use while dancing, that I've learned thanks to Folk Dance* and they kind of laughed/smiled...Sweet!  Maybe they had no idea what I was doing, but I bet they did.
PS. This is the evening when the idea of Zoapa grew...!