Hello avid readers.

I am asking a favor.  Here is what I emailed/Facebook-ed some people:

"Hey fam & friends!

I created a survey for my dad's company, Zephyr Graf-x headwear (http://www.zhats.com/) for my Market Research class at BYU. Check out the website if you are not completely familiar with the brand and you like hats!

I need to get AT LEAST 200 (which we have...but hey the more respondents the more accurate the data is) responses as a part of the project's requirement. Anyways, basically I am just wondering if you can take the survey!

PLEASE DO NOT take the survey if you do not wear hats...or buy hats...or are not a hat person. But if your spouse/boyfriend/best friend/neighbor is, that would be great! Basically, I don't want random people who don't wear hats to fill it out resulting in skewed data (i.e. saying you'll only pay like $5 for a fitted hat when no company even produces that...that would not be a good representation of the sample target market population)...But if you are a HAT PERSON...fill it out!

Yes, there is an incentive...coupon for $$$ off your next purchase, and if you purchase some hats you may win free merchandise/hats...!

The survey is:



Gotta love that my dad started the coolest company ever. 

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