You know it is bad when...

You drive past your home on the actual street you live on, because you didn't realize it is there. (Done a few times, one of which was last night)

You drive past your street that takes you into the neighborhood where your home is, because you forgot that is where you live. (Done a few times as well!)

I guess I don't like where we are renting.  I guess it is mainly the Landlord that ruins it.

The Landlord will not fix very very basic things that NEED repair (i.e. electrical work like sockets and a breaker that is our light switch which is NOT supposed to be, also: broken swampcooler (summer time SUCKS), no fan in the bathroom or sockets in the bathroom...so no more electric toothbrush, and SO much more).

That is SO annoying! Too bad it is kind of cheap otherwise I would move.

Have a good day :) Hehe.

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