Spooooky Dinner

Aunt JaKie & Uncle Aaron Toner were so gracious to invite Kevin, me, Kelsi, & Patrick up to their house in Clearfield for a Spooky Halloween dinner party (October 24)!!! Yes this is a month late! Patrick was driving home from CO so he was unable to attend. It was a very fun night!!! JaKie made a bomb dinner and after wards we ended up actually playing Truth or Dare which was hilarious.  It was actually a Truth or Dare app for the iPhone that Kelsi had downloaded.  I have a bunch of pictures to show the evening, and yes they are all random and not in order!
Kelsi made me dress up. She was Boots and I was Dora, from the kid show, Dora the Explorer. Dora has the worst style. Orange pants, pink shirt, and white shoes...and that is what I wore! Oh and of course the backpack!
Here is LuKus all scary! So cute!
JaKie went ALL out and made an extravagant dinner.
Here is JaKie!!! My stylish aunt.
Goblin Finger Stew!!!
CaLon, Kelsi, me, & little LuKus! Kevin was too cool to get in the picture!
This was one of the Truth or Dares ha, CaLon was supposed to get water poured into his bellybutton haha! So here is Kevin pouring water!
Dora the Explorer!
Some of the din din...
Spooky cousins!
CaLon was supposed to eat a bunch of cake without hands...and he was not hungry at all!
Kevin was dared to wear something on his head...so he took the centerpiece off the table!
 Then after we were done eating and it was getting late, it was time for LuKus' bath.  Aaron (my uncle) took LuKus back and they came out saying that LuKus chose me to give him a bath out of everyone there that night. Ha, so I gave him a bath!
Awesome hairdo!!!
 Thanks to the Toner family we had such a fun night!

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