A Night at Chef's Table

Kevin went to the NCAA Athlete Conference in Denver, CO October 9-10.  It was an all-expenses paid for trip for past and current athletes who may be interested in staying in the field of sports for their profession.  Shayla (one of my best friends) went as well- she was a BYU Golfer.  At the conference they learned many things- one of which was a night of etiquette.  They had this lady who teaches etiquette to famous people come and teach all of the athletes etiquette...mainly dining etiquette.  Kevin liked it so much that when he got home he wanted me to read the packet she gave them on different place settings and just etiquette overall.  He said he wanted to take me out to a fancy restaurant and he would follow the proper etiquette by calling the matre' d of the restaurant asking for the best table number and requesting it for a reservation.  Kevin asked me out to dinner -October 16- and I had an idea of some of the places where he may have called for reservation.  He then put on a blindfold and drove me around in circles and ended up at Chef's Table.  I kind of knew he was going to take me there but he drove in circles a lot (we live pretty close to it so I would have known if he just went straight there) so I wasn't sure. The food was great...better be if it was that expensive! Anyways, it was a great night and I didn't practice my etiquette like I was supposed to haha...it was too annoying!
 Good foood for sure

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  1. what a cute story! that kevin...I can see it all!

    i LOVE the last picture of you two...it's so great!