Life in a Treatment Center

Just a little taste of the weird/funny/interesting things that happen at work:
  • 2 clients made a wigi board and were caught and sent to ISU (Intensive Support Unit) to process with staff in realizing that Satanic behavior is not acceptable at Heritage.
  • 1 client was drawing gang signs in a notebook (i.e. gangs I didn't know about and she also drew swastikas.)
  • 1 client telling me she is bi, and likes girls more than guys (there are a lot of bi or same-sex gender attracted girls here.)
  • Multiple clogged toilets...and 1 lucky girl who always unclogs them.  It overflowed Sat. night.
  • 1 girls ankle bone getting dislocated and she ended up in the ER with a bad sprain (but there are bone fragments around in the muscles and stuff)...swimming...kicking water....HA she had a messed up ankle beforehand though.
  • A client on the youth unit throwing a tantrum and asking for a removal to ISU. (very funny)
  • A sick client in the gym coughing and then running to a trashcan during a volleyball game...and she then threw-up.
  • A client confessing she has nipples on her back and then trying to show all the other girls in the unit...not appropriate or ok! Haha.
  • A client assaulting several staff members in ISU multiple times (may leave due to high violence- we will see).
  • Lots of attitude. Especially from one girl who I think doesn't seem to like me.  She also doesn't really like anther new staff member I went through training with.
  • Lots of farts. Burps. And potty talk.
  • Life stories...and they are all sad.
  • Putting 5 girls on time-outs (redirects) when they do not listen to prompts that their PH (personal hygiene) time is over...
  • A girl on a different unit who has a hygiene log- meaning we have to checkoff a list of basic hygiene functions that she needs to work on...i.e. washing face, brushing hair, washing body in the shower, brushing teeth. 
    • She throws her arms and legs out of the shower curtain so I can see that she has soaped up her body so I can check it off.