Kevin's 25th Birthday

Kevin's birthday was actually September 18th and he turned 25 years old! Kevin wanted to go golfing for his birthday so I drove around the cart while he dominated the greens.  Kevin's birthday was really chill and relaxing and we both forgot what we did for his birthday, haha... According to my planner we went golfing, ate at Happy Sumo (he LOVES it), went to a BYU Football game, and then Kelsi and her friend came over because they were bored and made some brownies... Oh, and Kevin got some golf clubs *2* for his bday! ...so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVER!!!!
 Kevin making sure he gets the right angles
 Kevin at The Links at Sleepy Ridge
 Isn't Utah gorgeous? Love the mountains.
 Nice follow through
 And here is Kelsi and her friend Mindy (who is from Fort Collins, CO)...they came over and made some brownies for Kev!

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