Jason Derulo/B.O.B./Iyaz Concert

I woke up Tuesday morning (October 12) and decided I wanted to go to the Jason Derulo concert.  I really need to do more fun things and get out more because this semester is so crazy with school and work.  I told Kevin I wanted to go and he didn't want to go (haha) but he said just do it.
I texted Patrick and Kelsi and asked if they were going and Patrick was.  He had bought his ticket for $40 a month or so ago.  Kelsi said she wanted to go so we were going to get tickets from craigslist or possibly pay $30...but then we got a hookup from our friend Lauren, who had 2 extra free tickets.  These tickets were the best ones in the whole arena.  They were the floor ones and the closest ones as well.  So we went, Kelsi & me, taking her free ones. We found Patrick on the floor as well!
The group: Lauren, Kylie, Kylie's friend (I forgot his name), Kelsi, & me
Lauren, Kelsi, & me
 When we found Patrick...
The concert was SO MUCH FUN! Ah, really.  It was such a great night! The performers were incredible and very entertaining.  All of the girls freaked out when Jason Derulo took off his shirt which was to be expected.  I didn't realize how many songs these artists performed that I knew.  I knew a lot of the songs before I went but realized I knew more than I thought I did.  Great night and all thanks to LAUREN!

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