Incase you haven't heard...

She leaves January 11, 2011. Pretty bomb day. 1/11/11...and heads into the Provo MTC.  
She will be serving a mission for a year and a half! Here is Kelsi's Mormon.org profile if you want to take a looky.
Sao Paulo is a big time city so she will walking these streets!!!
SAO PAULO, BRAZIL temple! So pretty!

She thought she would be leaving for her mission in October-ish but because it takes a long time to get a VISA especially for Brazil, her date was set in January.  So Kelsi then decided to come to BYU- Provo 2 weeks late into the semester to take some classes.  Kelsi is also wanting to get into the BYU Marriott School of Management, so prestigious, and her last prerequisite was Calculus 119 (Business Calc. but hard nonetheless), so she added Calc 2 weeks late AND added Portuguese as well. They are both 4 credit classes and both very important! They both have class everyday so it was insane to get caught up...but after much stress and craziness she currently has an A in Calc...like my mom and I! So it is going well.  So it has been fun having her here and we def need to go look for missionary clothes...
anyways, congratulate her if you haven't already!!!
Genha um grande dia! 
(Compliments of a translation website- my apologies if it is incorrect)

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