First BYU Football Game

So, ever since this summer happened I got really behind in blogging so here comes a few posts! My dad, Kelsi, & Hunter were in town during the first week of school (Sept. 1-Sept 5) to help Patrick move into the dorms.  This was when Kelsi didn't know she was coming to BYU.  I love it when my parents and family are in town! We always hang out and do really fun stuff and eat great food.  My dad always can get free tickets to the BYU Football games because he knows the Equipment Manager (from selling hats) so we all went...although Kevin and I bought season tix.  Kelsi went to some wedding instead of going to the game. Man the student seats suck...they are right in the sun so I was glad we were in the old folks section (Alumni/whoever) across the student section.  We got some sweet BYU shirts and watched the game!
Hunter (littlest bro) & Dad
Kev & I
 Hunter & I
 I wish my parents were always in town!!! Oh and my dad bought us a sweet microwave!

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