BYU Football vs. Nevada

So this was also my last free Saturday morning thanks to work...anyways this game was on September 25, 2010.  Beforehand, Celestine Yeung & Nancy Jones Pulsipher (she just got married) & I met at Fro Yo for some frozen yoghurt! Nancy just got married and so Cel and I were giving her her Wedding gift.  Nancy was my room mate freshman year and she is one of the nicest and funnest girls I know!
Here we are after eating some yummy frozen yogurt!
Cel, Nancy, & me
 Here we are at the game! It was SO hot!
 We got season tickets with our friends...the Powells. Aaron & Karina! They just got married this summer!  They are such a nice couple...Aaron is one of Kev's best friends who he met Freshman year.
 Pumped for the game
 This is a usual Kevin-Ashley picture...Kevin not cooperating!!!
BYU games are always so fun!

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