BYU Baseball Alumni Game-2010

So I love watching Kevin play baseball, so it is great they have these Alumni games.  This game was YES in September...and it was September 24th (the day I got hired at Heritage!!!)  However, the alumni had far too few players and they were all out of shape haha. Kevin did well though.  I miss watching him play for BYU!  Such fun times and great memories!!!
Kevin, next up to bat
 Bre, me, & Laura, dejavu...from last year!!!
Kevin hitting
 One of the wifes, Taylor Nielsen, had her baby girl named Kalei at the game and it was the first time I saw her! She is so adorable and here is the little beauty!
Sleeping all pretty!!!
 Close up all precious!
We talked to Taylor for a long time so I kind of missed some of the game but the alumni "team" wasn't doing too hot haha.  Anyways, it was a good night! :) And SADLY, it was THE LAST Friday where I wasn't working at Heritage meaning it was my last free night....if that makes sense...I work every Friday night...

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