Ward Halloween Party

Yes we were nerds. And I rocked a "Kick Me" sign to the party and of course I had a calculator in my pocket!!! The best part of Kevin's costume was that he wore ugly sandals over white socks.  I think this is all I need to say ha.
Hope your Halloween was great.

A Night at Chef's Table

Kevin went to the NCAA Athlete Conference in Denver, CO October 9-10.  It was an all-expenses paid for trip for past and current athletes who may be interested in staying in the field of sports for their profession.  Shayla (one of my best friends) went as well- she was a BYU Golfer.  At the conference they learned many things- one of which was a night of etiquette.  They had this lady who teaches etiquette to famous people come and teach all of the athletes etiquette...mainly dining etiquette.  Kevin liked it so much that when he got home he wanted me to read the packet she gave them on different place settings and just etiquette overall.  He said he wanted to take me out to a fancy restaurant and he would follow the proper etiquette by calling the matre' d of the restaurant asking for the best table number and requesting it for a reservation.  Kevin asked me out to dinner -October 16- and I had an idea of some of the places where he may have called for reservation.  He then put on a blindfold and drove me around in circles and ended up at Chef's Table.  I kind of knew he was going to take me there but he drove in circles a lot (we live pretty close to it so I would have known if he just went straight there) so I wasn't sure. The food was great...better be if it was that expensive! Anyways, it was a great night and I didn't practice my etiquette like I was supposed to haha...it was too annoying!
 Good foood for sure

BYU Football vs. Nevada

So this was also my last free Saturday morning thanks to work...anyways this game was on September 25, 2010.  Beforehand, Celestine Yeung & Nancy Jones Pulsipher (she just got married) & I met at Fro Yo for some frozen yoghurt! Nancy just got married and so Cel and I were giving her her Wedding gift.  Nancy was my room mate freshman year and she is one of the nicest and funnest girls I know!
Here we are after eating some yummy frozen yogurt!
Cel, Nancy, & me
 Here we are at the game! It was SO hot!
 We got season tickets with our friends...the Powells. Aaron & Karina! They just got married this summer!  They are such a nice couple...Aaron is one of Kev's best friends who he met Freshman year.
 Pumped for the game
 This is a usual Kevin-Ashley picture...Kevin not cooperating!!!
BYU games are always so fun!

BYU Baseball Alumni Game-2010

So I love watching Kevin play baseball, so it is great they have these Alumni games.  This game was YES in September...and it was September 24th (the day I got hired at Heritage!!!)  However, the alumni had far too few players and they were all out of shape haha. Kevin did well though.  I miss watching him play for BYU!  Such fun times and great memories!!!
Kevin, next up to bat
 Bre, me, & Laura, dejavu...from last year!!!
Kevin hitting
 One of the wifes, Taylor Nielsen, had her baby girl named Kalei at the game and it was the first time I saw her! She is so adorable and here is the little beauty!
Sleeping all pretty!!!
 Close up all precious!
We talked to Taylor for a long time so I kind of missed some of the game but the alumni "team" wasn't doing too hot haha.  Anyways, it was a good night! :) And SADLY, it was THE LAST Friday where I wasn't working at Heritage meaning it was my last free night....if that makes sense...I work every Friday night...

Kevin's 25th Birthday

Kevin's birthday was actually September 18th and he turned 25 years old! Kevin wanted to go golfing for his birthday so I drove around the cart while he dominated the greens.  Kevin's birthday was really chill and relaxing and we both forgot what we did for his birthday, haha... According to my planner we went golfing, ate at Happy Sumo (he LOVES it), went to a BYU Football game, and then Kelsi and her friend came over because they were bored and made some brownies... Oh, and Kevin got some golf clubs *2* for his bday! ...so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVER!!!!
 Kevin making sure he gets the right angles
 Kevin at The Links at Sleepy Ridge
 Isn't Utah gorgeous? Love the mountains.
 Nice follow through
 And here is Kelsi and her friend Mindy (who is from Fort Collins, CO)...they came over and made some brownies for Kev!

First BYU Football Game

So, ever since this summer happened I got really behind in blogging so here comes a few posts! My dad, Kelsi, & Hunter were in town during the first week of school (Sept. 1-Sept 5) to help Patrick move into the dorms.  This was when Kelsi didn't know she was coming to BYU.  I love it when my parents and family are in town! We always hang out and do really fun stuff and eat great food.  My dad always can get free tickets to the BYU Football games because he knows the Equipment Manager (from selling hats) so we all went...although Kevin and I bought season tix.  Kelsi went to some wedding instead of going to the game. Man the student seats suck...they are right in the sun so I was glad we were in the old folks section (Alumni/whoever) across the student section.  We got some sweet BYU shirts and watched the game!
Hunter (littlest bro) & Dad
Kev & I
 Hunter & I
 I wish my parents were always in town!!! Oh and my dad bought us a sweet microwave!


Spooooky Dinner

Aunt JaKie & Uncle Aaron Toner were so gracious to invite Kevin, me, Kelsi, & Patrick up to their house in Clearfield for a Spooky Halloween dinner party (October 24)!!! Yes this is a month late! Patrick was driving home from CO so he was unable to attend. It was a very fun night!!! JaKie made a bomb dinner and after wards we ended up actually playing Truth or Dare which was hilarious.  It was actually a Truth or Dare app for the iPhone that Kelsi had downloaded.  I have a bunch of pictures to show the evening, and yes they are all random and not in order!
Kelsi made me dress up. She was Boots and I was Dora, from the kid show, Dora the Explorer. Dora has the worst style. Orange pants, pink shirt, and white shoes...and that is what I wore! Oh and of course the backpack!
Here is LuKus all scary! So cute!
JaKie went ALL out and made an extravagant dinner.
Here is JaKie!!! My stylish aunt.
Goblin Finger Stew!!!
CaLon, Kelsi, me, & little LuKus! Kevin was too cool to get in the picture!
This was one of the Truth or Dares ha, CaLon was supposed to get water poured into his bellybutton haha! So here is Kevin pouring water!
Dora the Explorer!
Some of the din din...
Spooky cousins!
CaLon was supposed to eat a bunch of cake without hands...and he was not hungry at all!
Kevin was dared to wear something on his head...so he took the centerpiece off the table!
 Then after we were done eating and it was getting late, it was time for LuKus' bath.  Aaron (my uncle) took LuKus back and they came out saying that LuKus chose me to give him a bath out of everyone there that night. Ha, so I gave him a bath!
Awesome hairdo!!!
 Thanks to the Toner family we had such a fun night!


Bring It Blizzard

There is apparently supposed to be a blizzard. 

I got an email from BYU that said:

"The National Weather Service is warning of a winter storm today that “will far surpass anything that we've seen, probably for the last several years.” The combination of snow, extreme cold, and possibly damaging winds will make travel extremely hazardous. The storm will begin in the north and move south, hitting Salt Lake City later this afternoon.

Please watch the weather reports and be prudent in your travels."

"This is a Y-Alert. As you were informed earlier, a major blizzard warning has been issued by the National Weather Service. Because of the severity of this expected storm, BYU will close campus at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010. All classes should be canceled after this time.

Campus will be closed on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010, except for essential services as determined by unit supervisors. If you have questions about specific locations or events, we encourage you to contact the respective organization."

...along with several texts and phone calls from BYU. 

SO EXCITING!!! I LOVE HORRIBLE WEATHER!!! But so far...there hasn't been anything too crazy...at all.  I did stop by Macey's on the way home to grab a snow shovel...just realized we no longer have maintenance men to shovel our driveways and sidewalk...lame! The parking lot was so full and everyone was talking about it and stocking up on tons of food haha. So funny. Annoying thing is that the BYU Health Center called me and canceled my doctor's appointment on me for tomorrow, so now I have to wait until next week to go in.  All because of this...blizzard...that hasn't come!

At least Kev & I have 3 months food storage. Go us.
 Hope this happens. Although I do have work. And no matter what, at a treatment center they HAVE to have employees there so no getting out of that.

For Harry

I saw Harry Potter 7 last night...and it was FABULOUS! I saw it with Chantell & Celestine! Can't wait until the 2nd half of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows comes out this summer...anyways, I'm about to have a group meeting for Market Research and thought I would throw up this picture to let everyone know I am alive. Anywho, this my Marketing Strategy team (we had to make a pic like this for our class/Professor) as HARRY POTTER characters haahahaha. Love it!!! And I am totally Hermoine!!!


You know it is bad when...

You drive past your home on the actual street you live on, because you didn't realize it is there. (Done a few times, one of which was last night)

You drive past your street that takes you into the neighborhood where your home is, because you forgot that is where you live. (Done a few times as well!)

I guess I don't like where we are renting.  I guess it is mainly the Landlord that ruins it.

The Landlord will not fix very very basic things that NEED repair (i.e. electrical work like sockets and a breaker that is our light switch which is NOT supposed to be, also: broken swampcooler (summer time SUCKS), no fan in the bathroom or sockets in the bathroom...so no more electric toothbrush, and SO much more).

That is SO annoying! Too bad it is kind of cheap otherwise I would move.

Have a good day :) Hehe.


Jason Derulo/B.O.B./Iyaz Concert

I woke up Tuesday morning (October 12) and decided I wanted to go to the Jason Derulo concert.  I really need to do more fun things and get out more because this semester is so crazy with school and work.  I told Kevin I wanted to go and he didn't want to go (haha) but he said just do it.
I texted Patrick and Kelsi and asked if they were going and Patrick was.  He had bought his ticket for $40 a month or so ago.  Kelsi said she wanted to go so we were going to get tickets from craigslist or possibly pay $30...but then we got a hookup from our friend Lauren, who had 2 extra free tickets.  These tickets were the best ones in the whole arena.  They were the floor ones and the closest ones as well.  So we went, Kelsi & me, taking her free ones. We found Patrick on the floor as well!
The group: Lauren, Kylie, Kylie's friend (I forgot his name), Kelsi, & me
Lauren, Kelsi, & me
 When we found Patrick...
The concert was SO MUCH FUN! Ah, really.  It was such a great night! The performers were incredible and very entertaining.  All of the girls freaked out when Jason Derulo took off his shirt which was to be expected.  I didn't realize how many songs these artists performed that I knew.  I knew a lot of the songs before I went but realized I knew more than I thought I did.  Great night and all thanks to LAUREN!


Life in a Treatment Center

Just a little taste of the weird/funny/interesting things that happen at work:
  • 2 clients made a wigi board and were caught and sent to ISU (Intensive Support Unit) to process with staff in realizing that Satanic behavior is not acceptable at Heritage.
  • 1 client was drawing gang signs in a notebook (i.e. gangs I didn't know about and she also drew swastikas.)
  • 1 client telling me she is bi, and likes girls more than guys (there are a lot of bi or same-sex gender attracted girls here.)
  • Multiple clogged toilets...and 1 lucky girl who always unclogs them.  It overflowed Sat. night.
  • 1 girls ankle bone getting dislocated and she ended up in the ER with a bad sprain (but there are bone fragments around in the muscles and stuff)...swimming...kicking water....HA she had a messed up ankle beforehand though.
  • A client on the youth unit throwing a tantrum and asking for a removal to ISU. (very funny)
  • A sick client in the gym coughing and then running to a trashcan during a volleyball game...and she then threw-up.
  • A client confessing she has nipples on her back and then trying to show all the other girls in the unit...not appropriate or ok! Haha.
  • A client assaulting several staff members in ISU multiple times (may leave due to high violence- we will see).
  • Lots of attitude. Especially from one girl who I think doesn't seem to like me.  She also doesn't really like anther new staff member I went through training with.
  • Lots of farts. Burps. And potty talk.
  • Life stories...and they are all sad.
  • Putting 5 girls on time-outs (redirects) when they do not listen to prompts that their PH (personal hygiene) time is over...
  • A girl on a different unit who has a hygiene log- meaning we have to checkoff a list of basic hygiene functions that she needs to work on...i.e. washing face, brushing hair, washing body in the shower, brushing teeth. 
    • She throws her arms and legs out of the shower curtain so I can see that she has soaped up her body so I can check it off.



Hello avid readers.

I am asking a favor.  Here is what I emailed/Facebook-ed some people:

"Hey fam & friends!

I created a survey for my dad's company, Zephyr Graf-x headwear (http://www.zhats.com/) for my Market Research class at BYU. Check out the website if you are not completely familiar with the brand and you like hats!

I need to get AT LEAST 200 (which we have...but hey the more respondents the more accurate the data is) responses as a part of the project's requirement. Anyways, basically I am just wondering if you can take the survey!

PLEASE DO NOT take the survey if you do not wear hats...or buy hats...or are not a hat person. But if your spouse/boyfriend/best friend/neighbor is, that would be great! Basically, I don't want random people who don't wear hats to fill it out resulting in skewed data (i.e. saying you'll only pay like $5 for a fitted hat when no company even produces that...that would not be a good representation of the sample target market population)...But if you are a HAT PERSON...fill it out!

Yes, there is an incentive...coupon for $$$ off your next purchase, and if you purchase some hats you may win free merchandise/hats...!

The survey is:



Gotta love that my dad started the coolest company ever. 

Become a fan on Facebook!


Anthropologie, what?

So I'm in class, browsing Anthropologie, of course not buying anything, and noticed they make dog clothes...haha what? Check this out. Just made me laugh, and if I were Blair Waldorf I would own these expensive dog ensembles....so great.

Pup's Pinafore

Keep your pooch cozy and warm this winter, not to mention well dressed, in this femme lace and tulle sweaterdress.
  • Button closure
  • Wool, nylon
  • Hand wash
  • XS: 12"L, 10.5" body diameter
  • S: 14"L, 14" body diameter
  • M: 18"L, 17.5" body diameter
  • Imported
style #073643
online exclusive

I don't need that dress for Miss Katinkles, but I would like this...$148 no big deal. Not the dog, but the dog bed.