Worlds of Fun

One of the things on my Kansas City To-Do List was to go to Worlds of Fun! So we all went for Laura (Kev's sis) bday party. It was VERY hot but very fun. They also had an insanely high roller coaster- the Mamba (205 ft. drop and 75 mph). 
Here is the Mamba. It is the one behind the roller coaster in front of it. So the whole ride is drops. And I hate drops. I had my eyes closed the whole time ha.
Back to front: Greg, Laura, & CJ
Back to front: David, Tara, & Zach
Kev & I cheering after the little kid water ride
 Kathy & Kev- I don't know why they wanted to do this ride haha, it just spins you while the floor drops so you just are stuck to the wall spinning...nauseous!
 It was SO hot and sweaty
 Kelsey & Anna
Lily & Tara
 Horse ride!
Caterpillar rollercoaster ride?
 All the little kids and Kelsey haha
 It was hilarious that Kelsey rode with them and if you can see, Lily's face was priceless! She wasn't sure if she was scared or not ha

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