Utah visit --Powell Wedding

Over the summer (late July) we took a little weekend trip back to Utah for one of Kevin's best friend's wedding.  Aaron Powell got married to Karina, who is the perfect match for him.  We had a great time and the wedding was absolutely gorgeous! The day before (Friday) the wedding (Saturday) the guys got together and rode the wave (an indoor wave maker) at some place I forget where and I hung out with Celestine, Chantell, & Adam Tebbs (friend from Freshman year) in Provo. 
Celestine, Chantell, & I after eating at Zupas, and right before I saw Adam who I hadn't seen for 2 years (mish).  After this picture here we all went and saw Inception (minus Kev and the boys). Inception was a crazy movie! Good stuff. Kevin is still dying to see it. Meanwhile Kevin was seeing Dinner for Schmucks, which apparently was pretty funny.
 Outside the temple right after the wedding... Here is the very close group of guys from Merrill Hall, Freshman Year.  They are such good friends it is kind of freaky.
Andrew, Bryce Merrill, Aaron Powell, & Kev
PS. It was SUPER hot.
Aaron & Karina with groomsmen, bridesmaids, and little cute flower girl (her sis)
 Bryce, Andrew, Aaron, & Kev
 Who knows
 Loved their cake!
 Of course the guys have to pull out a super gay picture of themselves and put it right in front of a display that people first see when they are coming to the reception.  That picture was actually on a card they gave out inviting all of their freshman friends to the "Freshman Festivus" party that they threw my sophomore year- luckily I was invited although I wasn't in their freshman ward.  And yes, they all wore turtlenecks with ironed on gay holiday pictures at that "Festivus" party.
 Close up. Poor Karina didn't notice until after the reception and everyone saw (maybe?) Lol
 First dance
 We decorated their car LEGIT!
Very fun weekend! So glad the Powells are married and they are sure fun to hangout with!


  1. what a beautiful wedding!

    love that roomate picture, those guys are so good! :)

  2. you are absolutely darling! and pro at this blog! i love reading it! xoxo