Recommend: SALT

It was my time to plan date night and I was at work -getting CPR certified- not sure what we should do.  
Thank goodness for iPhones.  
Googled dollar theater and saw the title SALT and done.  
I had no clue what it was about but I remember when we saw the previews Kevin wanted to see it.  
Drove home real fast and Kev hopped in the car and off we went. 
It was such a good movie in the way where you don't take your eyes off the screen.  
It was intense the whole time but somehow I didn't get tired of it.  
It was pretty good, so go check it out! 
Then Kevin called me SALT for the rest of the night (bangs and dark hair).
BONUS: We didn't pay even 1 cent for the night thanks to Kevin's new friend who is a Manager of the dollar theater. Sweet.


  1. You really liked it? We thought it was really unrealistic (Jumping from overpasses...yeah right!) and something was just off about the whole movie. It was ok, but deffinatly a dollar theater movie.

  2. Yeah we really did like it! It was unrealistic for sure in the highway scene but we liked it haha

  3. awesome...and you are totally prettier than angelina jolie!

    no joke.