Great Day

Maybe I'm obsessed with rain.  It has been raining off and on and I LOVE IT!!! Finally lets get some Fall weather! No more heat, thankyouverymuch. Maybe I should move to Seattle.

I'm still in training for Heritage  and we just learned safety holds/restraints. At first I was very dainty putting my co-workers in holds but then I got legit.  Hopefully I won't have to use any safety holds but you never know.  There was a girl in training who has worked there for over 10 years and has worked in ISU (Intensive Separation Unit, or somethin like that) a lot.  That is where the youth will go if they get dangerous to themselves or others.  She has used every safety hold and has been punched at and whatnot.  Our trainer who is an ex-cop said he's taken employees to the ER for getting hurt by the youth and that it does happen.

It was pretty fun and we all had to take turns demonstrating the holds in front of the class.  My group was doing a hold where the student punches a staff and the staff blocks it and another staff comes in and they put the child in the hold, and then you let them out.  So I couldn't remember what to say and just said "GET UP NOW" to the "student" instead of, "Okay, are you ready to get up?" and everyone laughed and then the teacher gave me a free movie ticket because he thought it was so great.  
[He likes to give out free movie tix when he feels like an employee deserves it and has only gaven out 2 during our 1st week and a half of training, so I was pumped]

Then we got off training early and I got to see Kevin's intramural football game. There was a psycho who was playing Kev's team and was being a total freak annoying the refs and being way too intense about the game.  He told us girls to be quiet and stop cheering (for our husbands) and gave Karina (Kev's good friend Aaron's wife) a very dirty look.  He then flipped out since he didn't realize the flag had been pulled in a play and we told him it was pulled off.  He kept asking us (with attitude) "Did you really see it?", "Are you sure you saw it?", etc.  Then he walked by us and said very sarcastically "Good call girls" with a narly look. What a freak. And yes I talked back to him; I hate kids like that. It is a BYU INTRAMURAL game.

Overall it was a good day. Love rain, free movie tickets, and watching Kev play quarterback for his intramural team! :)


  1. haha...that intramural dude needs a chillllll pillll. Did kevin's team win? I hope so!

    I think I have a friend who worked where you are! (I'm gonna check out the details of WHERE...I know she worked at one of the homes like that...some craaaazzy stories...you'll have them too I'm sure! Practice those holds haha!

  2. That is funny about that kid. I wish I was there to hear you talk back to him. And congrats on getting a free movie ticket, that is funny that you just said get up now. I am so happy you got a job you are loving