Grateful, yes.

Personally, I don't have ANY reason to be ungrateful, AT ALL. 

And you probably don't either. Maybe you do, but really, life is good. And we need to realize it more.

Yesterday in training (Heritage Residential Treatment Center) we read the youth's medical charts, histories, diagnosis's, family situation, etc...

Wow, the girls I will be a Youth Counselor over, have had a hard time. I feel so bad for them.

My parents wanted me once they found out they were pregnant.
My mom didn't smoke cigarettes or do drugs during the pregnancy.
I wasn't born premature weighing 3 lbs with cocaine in my system.
My parents kept me.
I wasn't adopted or moved from one foster home to another.
I was held as a baby, not just left in a room to cry and fend for myself.
Because I was held, I am able to bond with others and be able to get close in relationships and able to trust others. If I were left alone and abandoned I would have symptoms of this disorder for the rest of my life.
My parents are together and love each other.
I wasn't sexually, physically, or verbally abused.
I never had a traumatic experience happen to me and whenever there are triggers from this experience I will not relive those horrors. (Post traumatic stress disorder)
I never had teachers hate me and not believe in me, thinking I will never get past junior high.
I am not addicted to drugs.
I've never had an abortion.
I do not have schizophrenia and am not worried about hallucinations. I am not bipolar. I do not have major depression. I do not have ADD or ADHD or a personality disorder. I am not a narcissist or have a borderline or any type of personality disorders. I do not have learning disorders or mood disorders. I never had an eating disorder. I am not suicidal and have never attempted suicide. I do not try to harm myself.
I haven't been moved around from treatment centers to state hospitals to locked-down facilities.

Lets be grateful, not judgmental, and help others.
I am so excited to work with 10 girls in my unit.  They are all so nice and some of them told me they are glad that I was hired because they liked me more than other girls on their Experiential 2nd interviews.
Off to training!


  1. You're awesome, Ash! I totally agree. I think that we (people with good lives and no issues) absolutely take their life for granted. I sometimes find myself complaining about little things that just arent necessary. I need to be more appreciative of the good life I have!

  2. WOW! That is so sad, and we really are so blessed to have the families we have! It makes me so sad to think that there is a little baby just like Kalei not being treated right. You are so awesome for helping those girls.