Fall 2010

I've done a post on this before, but just so I can remember (when I'm old), and maybe if someone wants to stalk me, they can know too.  I am a full-time student, for the last time ever!!! Next semester I will most likely be a 3/4 student...!  So here is a little somethin somethin about my classes!

Dance 376: Methods of Teaching World Dance- MWF at 9-9:50am.  This class basically we learn how to be dance teachers.  This is the last semester I am taking dances for my World Dance minor, Hallelujah! Surprisingly, teaching dance is hard! The hardest part I think is calling the steps and counting them while you are dancing with the students.  So if you are doing a... yeehaw move at this moment, you need to be dancing the yeehaw move and then calling the next move...at the same time! And you do this the whole way. And there is 4 count calling ahead or 2, or whatever you need. And then you have to explain things well and keep the class interested.  I don't think I really want to be a dance teacher haha! I just like to learn the dances!
 Me listening to Jaimin, my Chinese dance teacher! Ha. I like being the student! I'm in all black in the left side of the pic!
 Back row (right)
Business Management 459: Marketing Strategy- MW at 11-12:15am.  This class is a joke so far. We haven't had any assignments or anything to turn in so everyone is kind of freaking out because it is so unstructured.  We haven't even had reading assignments.  I think we have a huge group paper coming up soon... I feel like we just talk about Marketing concepts we should already know. Who knows how this class will go! Our huge project is that we have to create a Marketing strategy for a board game.  Our group is then going to have to make an actual example of the game or a prototype and a commercial, etc.  We have chosen a scavenger hunt type of game.

Business Management 442: Market Research- MW at 12:30-1:45pm.  This class is good so far but is going to get narly.  We are going to carry out focus groups (probably) but for sure create huge surveys for a huge semester project and need to get 200 responses.  The software we are using is Qualtrics, which is super user friendly, and a program that all of the top business schools in the nation use.  Qualtrics is an up and coming company and Kevin may interview with them.  They are a market research company.  I am not excited to dive into the data more and do statistical analysis. No thanks.

Dance 172: Country Western & Line Dance- T/Th. at 1-1:50pm.  This class is my only class away from my part of BYU = annoying! It is in the Wilk and the business building is not around that.  So every time after Square Dance I am basically running across campus to my Consumer Behavior class.  I really wish Kevin would have taken this class with me but he is taking WAY too many classes and working 3 jobs, plus it won't fit with his schedule.  I have been pushing this class back every semester because I did not want to take it, but here it is.  Surprisingly, we learned a line dance the first day which was fun, but after that, it is okay. Basically, it is really easy and boring.

Business Management 444: Consumer Behavior- T/Th. at 2-3:15pm.  This class is definitely my most interesting class but the teacher is kind of weird.  I like the material and I think the teacher is trying to make it a fun class but it is kind of boring.  He just has a unique personality.  Like some kids will comment and he will kind of shut them down and then really like other kids comments, so why would the kids comment again if they were shut down? He also has a really weird sense of humor.  One of my friend gives him a courtesy laugh.

Business Management 454: Sales Management- T/Th. at 3:30-4:45pm.  This is by far my most entertaining class.  Our teacher is SUPER enthusiastic and loves Star Wars.  Our class is located by a huge study area (by the Blue Line Deli) and whenever class gets out, our teacher blasts the Star Wars theme song.  That means we walk out and EVERYBODY stares at us, wondering what kind of business class we are in. It is pretty funny, but awkward.  Our teacher cares about us and is always trying to let us know of sales jobs.  The class is really geared towards B2B (business to business) selling and I think I am a little more interested with the consumer so B2C (business to consumer) selling, but it is still good. Sales is a really good skill to have! One cool thing about this class is you can get actual certifications which costs thousands of dollars if you were to take a class and get certified in the specific type of selling.  We can even choose to get certified in SPIN or Griffin Hill as our final project.  Basically he wants us to be sellers and succeed, which whoever does go into sales will.  Other schools are always trying to get our teacher and have him teach Griffin Hill but he wants the competitive advantage with BYU and the Marriott School of Management.  Anyways, enough about this!

So that is my life these days! And now I am adding on a 25 hr a week job!

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