2 Year Anniversary/Washington DC Trip (1/2)

Kevin & I celebrated our 2 year anniversary 
in Washington D.C. with Ben & Amanda Castleberry !
I can't believe we have been married for 2 YEARS! 
We were married on 08/08/08! 
[Yes- this is very late but I am a busy lady!]
I remember when we got married and we were the 'newlyweds' in the ward and whatnot and now we are the 'old married couple'! Time goes by so fast!
Anyways, we used our free roundtrip flights with Southwest and flew to DC to see our good friends for the weekend! It was so much fun! We did so much fun stuff! Here are some pictures of our trip! And...if the pictures look good, Amanda took them, check out her Photography blog (She is an actual Photography major so she is legit).
Ben, Capital building tour guide...and our friend!
[He did an internship with Senator Hatch, that is why they were out there for the summer!]
LOVE this. We found this guy in the capital building who was wearing the SAME green Polo shirt and khaki shorts haha. It was so awkward for Kevin and the other guy I'm pretty sure!
We headed out to Georgetown and hit up Anthropologie.  The boys snagged the couch...and some big shades.
Shopping with Amanda in Georgetown
In front of the capital building!
Ben & Amanda love this salad restaurant...Sweetgreen! We hit it up for sure.
Ben & Amanda posing in front of the menu/salad toppings....so we could copy and start our own salad chain!
First black squirrel I've ever seen! And I tried to feed it grass...
Katinka lays like this squirrel....hilarious!
 White House. Glad I didn't see Obama.
 Cheesecake Factory!
Part 2 coming soon!


  1. hahaha, why have i not seen these pictures sooner?! That picture of me feeding ben??? I don't know...haha
    You guys are awesome. I am going to edit you and Katinka soon and send the to you! You were a hit in my class as usual.
    I love this song on your blog. One of my all time favorites!! Let's do something crazy fun soon!!

  2. Hey could you email me the pictures of Ben and I. The eating one and the one in sweet green?! haha

  3. what fun...

    I feel kinda funny saying happy anniversary! :) But you are right...TIME FLIES!


  4. haha! There we go - caught up - on your anniversary at least. How fun for you and kevin to travel and celebrate your anniversary in DC. It is always fun to get out of the same old routine, especially when celebrating your 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Hooray for you!