2 Year Anniversary/Washington DC Trip (1/2)

Kevin & I celebrated our 2 year anniversary 
in Washington D.C. with Ben & Amanda Castleberry !
I can't believe we have been married for 2 YEARS! 
We were married on 08/08/08! 
[Yes- this is very late but I am a busy lady!]
I remember when we got married and we were the 'newlyweds' in the ward and whatnot and now we are the 'old married couple'! Time goes by so fast!
Anyways, we used our free roundtrip flights with Southwest and flew to DC to see our good friends for the weekend! It was so much fun! We did so much fun stuff! Here are some pictures of our trip! And...if the pictures look good, Amanda took them, check out her Photography blog (She is an actual Photography major so she is legit).
Ben, Capital building tour guide...and our friend!
[He did an internship with Senator Hatch, that is why they were out there for the summer!]
LOVE this. We found this guy in the capital building who was wearing the SAME green Polo shirt and khaki shorts haha. It was so awkward for Kevin and the other guy I'm pretty sure!
We headed out to Georgetown and hit up Anthropologie.  The boys snagged the couch...and some big shades.
Shopping with Amanda in Georgetown
In front of the capital building!
Ben & Amanda love this salad restaurant...Sweetgreen! We hit it up for sure.
Ben & Amanda posing in front of the menu/salad toppings....so we could copy and start our own salad chain!
First black squirrel I've ever seen! And I tried to feed it grass...
Katinka lays like this squirrel....hilarious!
 White House. Glad I didn't see Obama.
 Cheesecake Factory!
Part 2 coming soon!


Caprese Salad

Kevin and I finally found some good fresh mozerella here in Provo...at Costco! 
So we have been eating this non-stop! Caprese Salad!
[This pic is not mine...as my camera is ghetto compared to a nice one and the cheese is a little different haha]
Slice up some tomatoes & mozerella (buy the kind that is in water)
Sprinkle basil leaves/crushed basil- whatever you have on it
Pour a little balsamic vinegar on top
Mamma Mia!


Violence is not the best. One girl in my unit is in the Intensive Support Unit (ISU) this week. She flipped out and assaulted some staff members. She bit a few staff members, scratched them, and kicked and punched them. They all pressed charges on her.  She will not be on the unit for awhile, until she follows directions and changes her attitude.  I am probably going to work in ISU within a couple of weeks to see how the more violent kids are handled, especially if they try to fight.  I think it will be good training! (I am already Crisis Prevention Certified- don't worry- I know how to do safety holds/restraints) Anyways, let's hope that she starts doing better and that nothing like that will happen again or at least not on the unit with the other girls.



This week will suck. I hope I make it through it.

Work tonight until 11.
6 Midterms.
Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Sales Management, Square Dance Practical, Square Dance Written, and Methods of Teaching Dance- I'm teaching a whole dance to the class...and I am not prepared...make that not prepared for any one of these tests.
Mixed with 25 hours of work.
Lots of homework. Thanks Market Research for adding to it.

Wish me luck.......Can't wait until next week and maybe I can see Kevin!!!!!!


Recommend: SALT

It was my time to plan date night and I was at work -getting CPR certified- not sure what we should do.  
Thank goodness for iPhones.  
Googled dollar theater and saw the title SALT and done.  
I had no clue what it was about but I remember when we saw the previews Kevin wanted to see it.  
Drove home real fast and Kev hopped in the car and off we went. 
It was such a good movie in the way where you don't take your eyes off the screen.  
It was intense the whole time but somehow I didn't get tired of it.  
It was pretty good, so go check it out! 
Then Kevin called me SALT for the rest of the night (bangs and dark hair).
BONUS: We didn't pay even 1 cent for the night thanks to Kevin's new friend who is a Manager of the dollar theater. Sweet.

Utah visit --Powell Wedding

Over the summer (late July) we took a little weekend trip back to Utah for one of Kevin's best friend's wedding.  Aaron Powell got married to Karina, who is the perfect match for him.  We had a great time and the wedding was absolutely gorgeous! The day before (Friday) the wedding (Saturday) the guys got together and rode the wave (an indoor wave maker) at some place I forget where and I hung out with Celestine, Chantell, & Adam Tebbs (friend from Freshman year) in Provo. 
Celestine, Chantell, & I after eating at Zupas, and right before I saw Adam who I hadn't seen for 2 years (mish).  After this picture here we all went and saw Inception (minus Kev and the boys). Inception was a crazy movie! Good stuff. Kevin is still dying to see it. Meanwhile Kevin was seeing Dinner for Schmucks, which apparently was pretty funny.
 Outside the temple right after the wedding... Here is the very close group of guys from Merrill Hall, Freshman Year.  They are such good friends it is kind of freaky.
Andrew, Bryce Merrill, Aaron Powell, & Kev
PS. It was SUPER hot.
Aaron & Karina with groomsmen, bridesmaids, and little cute flower girl (her sis)
 Bryce, Andrew, Aaron, & Kev
 Who knows
 Loved their cake!
 Of course the guys have to pull out a super gay picture of themselves and put it right in front of a display that people first see when they are coming to the reception.  That picture was actually on a card they gave out inviting all of their freshman friends to the "Freshman Festivus" party that they threw my sophomore year- luckily I was invited although I wasn't in their freshman ward.  And yes, they all wore turtlenecks with ironed on gay holiday pictures at that "Festivus" party.
 Close up. Poor Karina didn't notice until after the reception and everyone saw (maybe?) Lol
 First dance
 We decorated their car LEGIT!
Very fun weekend! So glad the Powells are married and they are sure fun to hangout with!


Worlds of Fun

One of the things on my Kansas City To-Do List was to go to Worlds of Fun! So we all went for Laura (Kev's sis) bday party. It was VERY hot but very fun. They also had an insanely high roller coaster- the Mamba (205 ft. drop and 75 mph). 
Here is the Mamba. It is the one behind the roller coaster in front of it. So the whole ride is drops. And I hate drops. I had my eyes closed the whole time ha.
Back to front: Greg, Laura, & CJ
Back to front: David, Tara, & Zach
Kev & I cheering after the little kid water ride
 Kathy & Kev- I don't know why they wanted to do this ride haha, it just spins you while the floor drops so you just are stuck to the wall spinning...nauseous!
 It was SO hot and sweaty
 Kelsey & Anna
Lily & Tara
 Horse ride!
Caterpillar rollercoaster ride?
 All the little kids and Kelsey haha
 It was hilarious that Kelsey rode with them and if you can see, Lily's face was priceless! She wasn't sure if she was scared or not ha

Back in the Day (Kev)

Gotta love old pics! I took pictures of these actual pictures with my iPhone- so may not be the best quality- this summer.  Here is my hubby and his fam! Love these pics:
 Not sure what animal this guy is ha
 Laura & Kevin
 Brutal hair color ha
 Kevin & Kyle
 Laura & Kevin
 Basketball- Kevs legs are so skinny!!!
 I don't think Kevin knew who he was hugging here ha
 Girls and Kev
 Baseball team- Kevin & his younger bro Kyle were on this team together (pretty sure)