wish me luck

I started this post late last night when I was procrastinating homework. But now I still need the luck.

I just interviewed for a Youth Counselor position at Heritage Residential Treatment Center in Provo, and the interview was solid. I made the 1st cuts and now I go back on Thursday to meet the girls in the unit.  Basically I think they will see me interact with the at-risk youth and see if I can do it? Ha. I don't know. Hopefully it won't be awkward. I don't think it will be.  Then after I hangout with the girls in the unit, I interview with the unit supervisor.

So wish me luck. I want this job!

PS. I hate competition for jobs! I always make the BEST cover letters, resumes, applications and get them printed on sweet paper (not dorky colorful kind- just thicker-duh), send professional emails and leave sweet messages, and then there are a ton of other kids doing the same thing! 

Example: I came right on time to interview for this job today and there were 2-3 other super perfectionists who beat me there.
Example2: When I interviewed at Center for Change, there were 5 or 6 other girls who wanted the job, who I saw, within the SAME hour that I was there, and they interviewed for 3 freaking days. How many applicants did they interview?

PPS. I applied to a ton of jobs- so hopefully I'll get one soon. The problem is there are so many dang students and we are all perfectionists. If you had a choice, where would you work? Here's the options. Yes, I did apply to these places ha but am open to so many options to just get a job.

1. The Buckle- I got offered an internship in the past- so I could probably do it again. 
-Good discounts on clothes and for Kevin
-Commission, so if I work harder I will make more money
-When no one buys from you, make less money
-I will be very tempted to buy clothes because not only working there but because of the legit discount

2. Victoria's Secret- Just applied because why not? I like their stuff.
-Discount, and good merchandise
-Pay is probably not the best
-Will still buy stuff but not as much as The Buckle

3. New Haven Residential Treatment Center- probably won't get an interview because its hard to be amazing on paper when you don't have much experience

4. Center for Change- Kitchen Aide
-Get in the company to possibly move up to a Care Tech
-Hours are good
-Pay isn't the best
-I might cut myself with a knife preparing food

5. Discovery Academy- may not even have openings but I applied online regardless

6. Heritage Residential Treatment Center
-Hangout with youth and do sweet things like: equine therapy, western and english style horse riding, ropes course, indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, etc.
-Get paid legit and can work more over the school breaks
-Will give me good experience for my resume
-Will sometimes work Sundays, like every place hiring in Utah so that is a con for basically all options (but they do have church services at the center)
-I will have to ditch a few classes for training

Okay- I did not want that to be this long but what do you think?!


  1. Oh Ashley!! Good luck!! Getting a job in Provo is the hardest thing....but I can tell you, it's great practice, because no matter where you end up...you will STAND OUT because of all the things you learned to do while interviewing in Provo!! :)

    I'll be praying this works out for you!!!

  2. Thank you!!! Hopefully I get the job!!! :) We will see what happens!

  3. I for sure say the Heritage Residential Treatment Center. True - the other places offer discounts on clothes but the pay won't be good and it won't be as rewarding. Plus - working for commission is annoying. I really hope you get the job - good luck!