Tallinn, Estonia

I loved Estonia. Who even knows anything about Estonia? I sure didn't, until I went here.  I loved Tallinn because the city was a medieval one and it had cobblestone streets and very old neat buildings.  A lot of their architecture was influenced by Russia, so they had a few buildings like the church of 'Spilled Blood' (See post).  So here is Estonia! :)
I thought the city was so pretty!

Since the city was medieval, the city played it up with medieval games and things to buy.  We decided to play a game of archery and it ended up being an hour game.  The Estonian man basically said we do 2 rounds, then anther round to see who makes it in the finals, then the finals...so it was a whole tournement haha. Kevin won! Patrick was pretty dang good though. I made it to the 2nd round beating Hunter, Zach, and Kelsi. Then I obviously lost to Kevin and Patrick haha.  The Estonian boy even let me shoot more arrows to try to catch up. It was very fun and we had to wear all the gear.  Except I'm wearing the smallest one (orange cape) because Patrick and Kevin got the bigger ones.

Figuring out who had the best shots.
Kevin wins!
He got the highest score so he got to write his name and country on the chalkboard, so hilarious.
At this area, they were selling a lot of trinkets and homemade items.
This actually was very heavy and it hurt Kevin haha.  Another family was watching us try to put Kevin in and was laughing because Kevin like was in pain lol.
Cute Estonian mother and daughter.  The little girls would walk around trying to sell strawberries, and the strawberries actually looked kind of bad...
Then we headed back to the boat.  Last World Cup, I was on a cruise. This World Cup, we were on a cruise. We watched the final game which was Holland vs. Spain.  There were a lot of Dutch and Spanish people on the boat so it was a crazy night.  There were also a bunch of Columbians on the cruise so they teamed up with Spain.  We wanted Nederlands (Holland) to win, but they didn't. Ugh, that was annoying.
Some Dutch fans! Dutch fans are known for wearing insanely crazy things to soccer games. Crazy hats.
Crazy big orange glasses.  Too bad you can't see these from the front of the fans, but they are really wide and go way behind your head.

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