St. Petersburg, Russia (Day 2)

Here is the 2nd post (out of 2), of our trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia!
I love getting my passport stamped!!! I just wish they could combine my last passport (with my maiden name) to this one, then I would have traveled to a lot of places! I actually got in trouble for getting this picture taken, because apparently the Russians do not allow photography in their customs area haha. They are so strict!
Out side of a big church!
Candid picture!
Inside of the church, Kevin loves looking at all of the big churches and cathedrals!
Zach (yo-yo-er) & I!
Hunter & I!
Then I had a bunch of other pictures, but they were all vertical pictures so when you upload them they rotated wrong, and I didn't want to edit them and then re-upload them...so annoying.
Russian nesting dolls...loved them!
Us and our Russian tour guide! She is definitely very Russian, if you know what I mean.
Shuffleboard on deck 4. (Patrick & Kevin)
And here is Kevin on the deck of my parents room! So pretty!

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