Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark was the last city we visited on the cruise! It was a great day!
Bus ride from the cruise to the city!
Hanging out in Copenhagen by a big anchor! Ah I love nautical things! Actually make that nautical inspired clothes!

This is the neatest shrubbery/plant art I've ever seen. Can you see the map of Europe? Yes, those flowers grown on the side of the building is a map of Europe! If you look closely you can see Italy (easily a distinguishable country in Europe).
My brother, Zach, is a sponsored yo-yoer.  So each country we visited he had to put on a little show and get as many Europeans to watch him (we kind of made him do this) and we took pictures of them watching!  And they would throw in random coins in the hat...seriously he can make some decent money yo-yoing. Not even fair. Who can do that?
Kevin in Copenhagen.
Beautiful sight! Canals are everywhere in Europe!
Now this is legit.  Yes, they do have a place by the canal to go to the restroom.  And yes, the door is not tall enough to cover the whole room. And yes, that man in there is pissing, in the PISSOIR.  Had to get a pic of this!
Bros tried to sneak in quick sporty games. And this is awesome.  This is a 3-way soccer area for kids to play in.  This was right by a big church.  How cool is this?
Yes, the Danish did that.
Some more of the neat baby bassinets! Gotta love them. So classy.

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