I have a job!!! 

[Warning...this post is long]

I just got hired at Heritage Residential Treatment Center as a part-time Youth Counselor.  It is a psychiatric residential treatment center for youth, both boys and girls, ages 13-18.  I start Monday for training and that will last 2 weeks (which I will have to skip a few classes...yikes! I am not that kind of person but it will be worth it) and then I think I am good to go!

At this center, they have a year-round school where the kids can learn at their own speed.  You can even graduate from this high school. They have a huge theater and they put on 2 plays per year with extravagant costumes, lighting, stage props, etc.  This year they are doing the play 'A Christmas Carol' (the one with Scrooge in it- I will def have to watch that bc I forgot all about it).  They have equine therapy with both Western and English riding styles.  You can even take horse riding lessons for school.  Some students take Advanced riding where they can actually jump the horses...something I've always wanted to do, so cool!  They have therapeutic recreation, an indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, soccer fields, ropes courses, and more.  It is an 18 (or 19) acre place...

I will be in charge of 14 girls, along with another counselor.  I met all of the girls last night and they are all so nice and sweet.  Apparently they were being pretty difficult the last couple of weeks but the day I visited they had calmed down.  The other employees said I picked a good day to meet them haha.  Actually meeting the girls was my 2nd interview and after that they said they would let me know if I got the job (today), which I did.  So the point of meeting them was for the employees to see how I interacted with them and also how I interacted with the other employees and that kind of a thing.  I was hoping it wouldn't be awkward and it sure wasn't. Some of the girls are really talkative and some are more quiet.

Surprisingly, all of the girls in the unit are from California.  They said most everyone at the treatment center was from California except for a few random kids.  That is so crazy!  But the girls I'm over are mainly ages 16-17.  I got to see their unit which had a kitchen, living room, and their bedrooms.  They just remodeled their house (it is called the Sequoia house) and it looked really nice! They had a nice pink color for an accent wall.  I think they really liked it because apparently their old furniture and everything was 10-15 years old.

The time went by really fast when I was hanging out with them and they were all really fun.  But I guess I will see why they are in there when I get working...the unit supervisor said some have 1 diagnosis (psychiatric disorder) and some have 5.  Some of the reasons they might be here (at the treatment center) could be...
  • Mood Disorders: Major depression, Bipolar disorder, Dysthymic Disorder, Depressive Disorders NOS
  • Disruptive/Behavior Disorders (I think some of the girls have these types!): Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Schizophrenia/Thought Disorders: Schizophrenia, Schizophreniform, Schizoaffective, Brief Psychotic Disorder, Delusional Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders: Post-traumatic stress, Obsessive Compulsive, Social Phobia, Acute Stress Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, Avoidant, Panic
  • Substance-Related Disorders: Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine, Hallucinogens, Inhalants, Opioid, Sedative, Poly Substances, Substance Induced Disorders, Dependence, and Abuse
  • Personality Disorder Features:  Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissistic, Avoidant, Dependent, Shizoid, Schizotypol 
  • Learning Disorders: Reading, Mathematics, Written Expression
  • Other such as: Relational problems, academic problems, identity problems, noncompliance with treatment, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, impulse control problems, eating disorders in remission, dissociative features, aspergers disorder
We will see, and I have never heard of half of those things, so I will google them up just so I can be more informed!  Okay that is all! Gotta go find my immunization records...have a great day!


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark was the last city we visited on the cruise! It was a great day!
Bus ride from the cruise to the city!
Hanging out in Copenhagen by a big anchor! Ah I love nautical things! Actually make that nautical inspired clothes!

This is the neatest shrubbery/plant art I've ever seen. Can you see the map of Europe? Yes, those flowers grown on the side of the building is a map of Europe! If you look closely you can see Italy (easily a distinguishable country in Europe).
My brother, Zach, is a sponsored yo-yoer.  So each country we visited he had to put on a little show and get as many Europeans to watch him (we kind of made him do this) and we took pictures of them watching!  And they would throw in random coins in the hat...seriously he can make some decent money yo-yoing. Not even fair. Who can do that?
Kevin in Copenhagen.
Beautiful sight! Canals are everywhere in Europe!
Now this is legit.  Yes, they do have a place by the canal to go to the restroom.  And yes, the door is not tall enough to cover the whole room. And yes, that man in there is pissing, in the PISSOIR.  Had to get a pic of this!
Bros tried to sneak in quick sporty games. And this is awesome.  This is a 3-way soccer area for kids to play in.  This was right by a big church.  How cool is this?
Yes, the Danish did that.
Some more of the neat baby bassinets! Gotta love them. So classy.

wish me luck

I started this post late last night when I was procrastinating homework. But now I still need the luck.

I just interviewed for a Youth Counselor position at Heritage Residential Treatment Center in Provo, and the interview was solid. I made the 1st cuts and now I go back on Thursday to meet the girls in the unit.  Basically I think they will see me interact with the at-risk youth and see if I can do it? Ha. I don't know. Hopefully it won't be awkward. I don't think it will be.  Then after I hangout with the girls in the unit, I interview with the unit supervisor.

So wish me luck. I want this job!

PS. I hate competition for jobs! I always make the BEST cover letters, resumes, applications and get them printed on sweet paper (not dorky colorful kind- just thicker-duh), send professional emails and leave sweet messages, and then there are a ton of other kids doing the same thing! 

Example: I came right on time to interview for this job today and there were 2-3 other super perfectionists who beat me there.
Example2: When I interviewed at Center for Change, there were 5 or 6 other girls who wanted the job, who I saw, within the SAME hour that I was there, and they interviewed for 3 freaking days. How many applicants did they interview?

PPS. I applied to a ton of jobs- so hopefully I'll get one soon. The problem is there are so many dang students and we are all perfectionists. If you had a choice, where would you work? Here's the options. Yes, I did apply to these places ha but am open to so many options to just get a job.

1. The Buckle- I got offered an internship in the past- so I could probably do it again. 
-Good discounts on clothes and for Kevin
-Commission, so if I work harder I will make more money
-When no one buys from you, make less money
-I will be very tempted to buy clothes because not only working there but because of the legit discount

2. Victoria's Secret- Just applied because why not? I like their stuff.
-Discount, and good merchandise
-Pay is probably not the best
-Will still buy stuff but not as much as The Buckle

3. New Haven Residential Treatment Center- probably won't get an interview because its hard to be amazing on paper when you don't have much experience

4. Center for Change- Kitchen Aide
-Get in the company to possibly move up to a Care Tech
-Hours are good
-Pay isn't the best
-I might cut myself with a knife preparing food

5. Discovery Academy- may not even have openings but I applied online regardless

6. Heritage Residential Treatment Center
-Hangout with youth and do sweet things like: equine therapy, western and english style horse riding, ropes course, indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, etc.
-Get paid legit and can work more over the school breaks
-Will give me good experience for my resume
-Will sometimes work Sundays, like every place hiring in Utah so that is a con for basically all options (but they do have church services at the center)
-I will have to ditch a few classes for training

Okay- I did not want that to be this long but what do you think?!


Tallinn, Estonia

I loved Estonia. Who even knows anything about Estonia? I sure didn't, until I went here.  I loved Tallinn because the city was a medieval one and it had cobblestone streets and very old neat buildings.  A lot of their architecture was influenced by Russia, so they had a few buildings like the church of 'Spilled Blood' (See post).  So here is Estonia! :)
I thought the city was so pretty!

Since the city was medieval, the city played it up with medieval games and things to buy.  We decided to play a game of archery and it ended up being an hour game.  The Estonian man basically said we do 2 rounds, then anther round to see who makes it in the finals, then the finals...so it was a whole tournement haha. Kevin won! Patrick was pretty dang good though. I made it to the 2nd round beating Hunter, Zach, and Kelsi. Then I obviously lost to Kevin and Patrick haha.  The Estonian boy even let me shoot more arrows to try to catch up. It was very fun and we had to wear all the gear.  Except I'm wearing the smallest one (orange cape) because Patrick and Kevin got the bigger ones.

Figuring out who had the best shots.
Kevin wins!
He got the highest score so he got to write his name and country on the chalkboard, so hilarious.
At this area, they were selling a lot of trinkets and homemade items.
This actually was very heavy and it hurt Kevin haha.  Another family was watching us try to put Kevin in and was laughing because Kevin like was in pain lol.
Cute Estonian mother and daughter.  The little girls would walk around trying to sell strawberries, and the strawberries actually looked kind of bad...
Then we headed back to the boat.  Last World Cup, I was on a cruise. This World Cup, we were on a cruise. We watched the final game which was Holland vs. Spain.  There were a lot of Dutch and Spanish people on the boat so it was a crazy night.  There were also a bunch of Columbians on the cruise so they teamed up with Spain.  We wanted Nederlands (Holland) to win, but they didn't. Ugh, that was annoying.
Some Dutch fans! Dutch fans are known for wearing insanely crazy things to soccer games. Crazy hats.
Crazy big orange glasses.  Too bad you can't see these from the front of the fans, but they are really wide and go way behind your head.

St. Petersburg, Russia (Day 2)

Here is the 2nd post (out of 2), of our trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia!
I love getting my passport stamped!!! I just wish they could combine my last passport (with my maiden name) to this one, then I would have traveled to a lot of places! I actually got in trouble for getting this picture taken, because apparently the Russians do not allow photography in their customs area haha. They are so strict!
Out side of a big church!
Candid picture!
Inside of the church, Kevin loves looking at all of the big churches and cathedrals!
Zach (yo-yo-er) & I!
Hunter & I!
Then I had a bunch of other pictures, but they were all vertical pictures so when you upload them they rotated wrong, and I didn't want to edit them and then re-upload them...so annoying.
Russian nesting dolls...loved them!
Us and our Russian tour guide! She is definitely very Russian, if you know what I mean.
Shuffleboard on deck 4. (Patrick & Kevin)
And here is Kevin on the deck of my parents room! So pretty!


St. Petersburg, Russia (Day 1)

So yes, I haven't blogged since...July, really? I need to catch up! So I am going to quickly run through the rest of our Scandinavian cruise!!! :) Here is St. Petersburg, Russia! (Oh we had 2 days in Russia)
As we were disembarking our cruise, we had to pose with this weird employee dressed as a Russian and do a 'Blue Steel' look
Our criuseship! It was hard to get a shot of the boat because it is so huge! But we were pulling away in our little tour van
An example of some crazy Russian writing...loved it!!! Especially the backwards letters...R & Y
We drove to Pushkin and this is the Czars summer house (or winter...I forgot) but the house was a mile long!!!
Gotta pose in front of the Czars house!
The family in front of the Czar's house!
One of the many rooms in the Czar's house. Do you see the paintings on the wall? They are of dead animals.  Apparently these pictures were to the increase appetite of the guests.  Now Kevin wants to have dead animal paintings in our kitchen.  But that won't happen ha.
We had to put on these little booties in the house. Oh, this little old Russian lady got pissed and was glaring at me because I was trying to walk up the stairs past her.  She was in a big group tour and my family had our own personal tour guide.  So our tour guide got to cut in the lines in front of the big tours and this lady put her arm in front of me and was glaring at me because she didn't want me to pass her hahaha. The nerve!
We were shopping for Russian nesting dolls at a little tourist shop and then we found these...!!! Hilarious huh? Last years BYU football team line up with Max Hall as the biggest doll!!! Insane!?!?! There was only 1 set of these dolls and of course my dad had to buy them. And the little baby one is George.  So there has to be some RM out there in St. Petersburg who is pushin for someone to make these dolls for the next LDS family to come in the shop! And it worked!
This is either the Hermitage, one of the world's biggest art museums, or the Czar's other house (summer/winter-don't remember)!
The beautiful 'Spilled Blood's' church to the left!!!
Lunch time at a little local Russian joint! Totally authentic!
Russians eat goulash all the time and I absolutely loved their GOULASH!!! SO GOOD!!! Oh, I remember the water here tasted awful and the cups smelled like wet dog haha! You definitely have to be careful drinking water in Russia! One of my relatives has got some serious intestinal problems from drinking something weird in Russia and is forever affected!!! Just an fyi if you go there! So always buy bottled drinks!
Aren't these monkeys cute?!?! This was outside the 'Spilled Blood' church! And this totally reminds me of the monkey in the classic movie, The Little Princess! Aw, I love that movie! I will buy that for my future daughter!
Of course, I had to bust out my Russian Folk dance moves, just for a quick pic! I told Kevin what to do! Gotta love Folk Dance!!! And Russian dancing is so fun!
Dinner on the cruise with Patrick!
The show that night was a group of Russian singers and dancers! Totally Folk dance yet again!