Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden was so much fun! I would love to go back! We went on a tour to the Vasa museum and then got to explore the city and look around at random shops!
Gotta love the tour stickers and the audio necklaces/ear pieces that just scream tourists!
Seriously who can say those names of the streets? I love how they look!
This is the Vasa Museum. The Vasa Museum was a building built around the Vasa ship which was a ship that sunk and was restored.  The ship is 95% preserved.
 This ship was amazing! It was so big and the building was cold and had dim lighting in order to preserve it better.
 Zach & I at the museum. Too bad we don't have an amazing camera where you could actually see the ship!
Kevin and one of the sailors.
 I think I'm with one of the only women on the ship, that's why I picked this skeleton!
 Smaller replica of what the ship looked like!
And then Kevin messed with the settings on my camera so now the pictures are all light!!! Kind of artsy I guess! We thought our camera was broke the whole day until we got on the cruise and realized it haha.  And we were thinking we would definitely buy a new one! So funny.
I absolutely love the multi-colored buildings in Europe! SO FUN!
 Back on the bus back to the boat.
Dinner. LOVED dinner on the cruise :) You would get dressed up (sometimes more fancier than others) and eat a big meal. Fresh bread and butter, appetizer, main course, and dessert! Kevin sure was a fan of these dinners! He would get escargo, caprese salad, and shrimp every meal just for his appetizers!

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