The Conspiracy

If you know Kevin, you know he is always thinking of conspiracies...or just knows about them.  The day we were supposed to board our cruise (July 3, 2010) we went to check in and the cruise personal told us that we would have to wait until the evening to board the ship (it was noon).  She said the last cruise, there was a bad epidemic of a stomach virus and that the employees were cleaning everything in the entire cruise ship and that there was an enormous room where we could hang out until we board.  Of course I would wait to get on the ship! If you know me...then you know I WILL DO ANYTHING NOT to get sick, especially the stomach flu.  Give me ANYTHING else and that will be better. I will avoid people who are sick like that at all costs.
So here is the room!
Kevin's Conspiracy: Kevin thought that the city of Amsterdam, Holland was paying the cruise to keep the ship docked an extra 5 hours or so, so that the fellow floaters (cruise people) would go shop and spend their money in order to stimulate Amsterdam's economy. And people who go on cruises, usually are loaded, especially this cruise-line because the people are mostly elderly couples.  

Of course I wanted to believe it, so I kind of did, but it wasn't true. I even asked a bunch of employees "Was it bad?" (meaning the sickness that day, and a bunch of times during the cruise).  By the way, the sickness was bad.  At least 200 people (not including employees) got the stomach virus. So the WHOLE week and a half on the cruise, the employees were handing everyone anti-bacterial wipes to sanitize their hands and you had to take them.

While we chilled in the main room waiting to board the ship, Hunter gave us back massages.  He gave them to our whole family.
Here is Hunter giving me a massage! He was hilarious and would spin in circles sometimes and try to massage our backs by hitting his butt on our back.  He had a time limit of 2 minutes per person though.
Here is a pic that the cruise employees took of our family before we boarded the ship for the first time & KEVINS FIRST TIME (1st cruise for him)! We are all waiving the anti-bacterial wipees!!!
And then we explored the boat for the rest of the night and Kevin and I...were like this:


  1. I'm so glad you guys didn't get sick...that would have been miserable!

    love the titanic pic :) it's a must.