Amsterdam, Holland

I don't know how any of my blog posts will do Europe or the cruise any justice. But here goes. We flew in to Amsterdam, Holland after a day and night full of traveling, to find ourselves in Holland right around 8 in the morning. Traveling to Europe or Asia is always SO hard!!! So we tried to stay up all day and we were all so tired and feeling gross! But it was fun nonetheless. I actually had a lot of energy until the canal boat ride. I really wish I could explain everything about the cruise but the posts would be wayyy longer than this one, would take too much time, nobody would read them (but I don't care because it's like a journal), and so I will throw up the pictures to get a little taste of each country.  
Here is Amsterdam, Holland:
We found some smokes.
This store was actually at the Amsterdam airport. Yes it is called Sissy Boy! So Kevin is acting sissy.
This was right outside our hotel. It was SUCH a hot day! And I wished I wore jean shorts instead of capris haha.
Instead of a parking garage for cars, they have them for bikes! There is a greater chance of getting hit by a biker than by a car. Zach, my brother, almost got hit so many times because he always stepped right into the bike lanes! And those Europeans fly through them and will hit you. If I rode in those lanes I would be very passive and be scared of people going in front of me haha but they just fly by and don't care!
Here is Kevin with someone's random bike in front of the canal!
Here we are, happy to be in Holland with the Dutch!
We went on a canal boat ride. It was the hottest thing I have ever done. Everybody in my family fell asleep because it was so hot and we were so tired. The problem was the heat but not only was it hot, the boat had a covering and there was ZERO air flow. I think it is windy there a lot of times so it is fine but there was no wind but intense heat. Then to make matters worse Hunter threw up (sorry if that is tmi) right after the boat because he was so dehydrated. Oh and he fell down the steep steps just getting into the canal boat lol. It was so sad. Some people in the boat were telling him a lot of people fall down. Apparently one girl hit her head and a guy fell down the stairs as well!
Can you tell we are sweaty? It was SOOOO hot. Kevin got some gross pictures of me and my brother sleeping, but I will refrain from posting them.
We found a Dutch grocery store! Kevin found some Buffalo fresh Mozarella...and he bought it. I think it is so interesting being in Europe and the way they do things differently.  They don't drive to a grocery store (well some do) but they ride a bike or walk and get only a few fresh ingredients and go back home.  They visit the grocery store more often and buy less each time. Anyways, I thought this was funny (picture above) but they are like sprinkles for bread! Has anyone tried toast with sprinkles? Ha!
Welcome to the land of the smokers. Everyone smokes. It is like Starbucks. Everyone smokes some marijuana and they have little bars and it stinks when you walk by. And there are tons of these shops everyywhere with tons of bongs and whatnot. I would not want to raise my family here!
The Nederlands (WORLD CUP) played a game this day, I think vs. Spain. So we watched it in our hotel room and after they won we went in the streets and everyone was dancing and being loud and obnoxious and I'm sure smoking. They had orange everything (orange is their color)...orange flags along the streets and orange confetti which I am playing with! This is the second year I've been in Europe for the World Cup. Last World Cup (4 years ago), I was on a Mediterranean cruise in between Italy and France and there were a ton of Italians and French people on the cruise and they both had a team in the final game of the World Cup. Europeans are CRAZY about soccer! Make that every country besides the US!
We went to the Anne Frank house museum, which is the exact house that Anne Frank hid in. If you haven't read 'The Diary of Anne Frank' please go buy the book or rent it from the library...or the BYU library. It is a great but sad story. Anne lives with her family and a few other people above her dad's old factory in the upstairs annex. They live there for a long time but eventually the Nazi Gestapo get the info that they are up there and took them to the concentration camps, specifically Auschwitz. Anne Frank died a few weeks before the liberation of the camp. It was sad but I'm glad we went!
I love Holland!!!
PS. When you upload pictures does Blogger sometimes randomly rotate them 90 degrees? If so, help! But they are normal in my Microsoft Office Picture Manager and then get rotated once uploaded...gay...so I've deleted some pictures!

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