Table Rock Lake - Part 2

So who is good at wake-boarding and/or water-skiing? Not me. Well maybe I'll be decent at skiing if I could stay up.  This the second post of our little weekend get-away at Table Rock Lake. This is the first post.  So I have tried water-skiing once in very cold water and the skiis were huge and that didn't work out. And I tried wake-boarding once and I don't remember much but I couldn't get up haha. So we tried again.
Kevin got in the water to help coach me which I think was very helpful.  I just need to hold on longer and get a better angle and basically just get up haha.
Then I tried skiing which was a lot better although the skiis were huge and kept coming off.  I actually got a huge bruise alongside one of my legs from it falling off and me holding onto the rope and flying over the skiis.  But I did get up ONCE. Haha. I was surprised because I didn't expect to get up and I let go. But I think I could get the hang of it if I had smaller skiis that wouldn't fly off.
And Kevin is pretty good...of course!
Kevin after he finished wake-boarding. I love him.
Kathy wakeboarding!!! Such a natural.
Tubing with Kev. My life jacket was hilarious. It was a canoeing one.
Greg & Kathy tubing!
It started pouring rain during the day (but you can't see it in the picture) and so Kevin & I jumped off the dock!
I love Kevin. :)

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