Table Rock Lake - Part 1

Kevin's parents invited us to go visit some relatives at Table Rock Lake, Missouri.  We visited Kathy's cousin Silvia and husband Tom, and their new Weimarer (dog breed) named Harley.  Table Rock Lake is in southern Missouri and it is even more hot and humid than Kansas City.  This was our first little vacation since we moved here to Missouri and it was very fun! We were there from Thursday, June 24th to Sunday, June 27th.  Thursday evening, right after we got there, we took a little ride on the boat.
We brought Katinka in on the boat and I held her so she wouldn't slide all over on the bottom of the boat. Her tongue grew a little bit (panting) since we moved to Missouri since it is so humid and hot! It is kind of weird hahaha.

My lovely hubby!
 Obviously when your boating it is super windy when your at the front of the boat and Katinka's hair was going CRAZY! It was so hilarious! Ah I love her.
Me and Tinkas (look at her hair lol)
Harley and Katinka running off the dock! Katinka thinks she is friends with all dogs even if they are huge or mean, she doesn't care haha!
I think it was Friday night after a day on the boat, that we went to Dock 'n' Eat for dinner. In order to get to Dock 'n' Eat you have to drive your  boat there and dock it! It was a fun little place!
Here is Dock 'n' Eat! We're pulling up on the boat! I got a Taco Salad and we all had Sweet Potato fries which were really good!
There were turtles in the water!
Here we are right after dinner!
Here is a lotus flower in front of their house! It was sooo cool! Has anyone seen one of these? They are potted in a pot that is placed in a bigger pot full of water.  The petals close during the night and open during the day. I just think they are pretty!
There were quite a few neighborhood dogs.  Katinka met a neighbor named Hector. It was funny because Hector would roam the neighborhood and we would see him randomly.
Harley taking a walk and Katinka was following him. Harley was starting to lead Katinka too far away so we had to go get them haha.
Anyways, I separated this into 2 parts because I hate writing really long posts because I feel like it is out of control, plus it is harder to format! So check out part 2 once I write/post it! :)

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