So Kevin and I did probably one of the most spontaneous things we have ever done. 
We just randomly booked a flight to... 
(August 6-9th, 2010)
 to see Ben & Amanda
for our 2nd Anniversary, August 8th!
Why? Because we had BOTH acquired a free round-trip flight thanks to Southwest Rapid Rewards and mine expires that weekend. And Ben & Amanda are there for the summer so we'll be staying with them. Ben is working for Senator Hatch and Amanda is nannying. So it will be a lot of fun! Kev & I both haven't been to Washington DC. And it is our 2nd anniversary weekend! So we're pumped and honestly we didn't even think about it like not more than 30 minutes. Get ready Amanda (you may read this post ha :))


  1. wait are you going in July or August??? We will miss you by days if its August! we are going back home from the 13th-23rd!! We hope you have a blast!!!

  2. It is August!!! Woops! Dang that sucks Kelly, it would have been fun to have a huge party out there!