Kev & I are homeless and have NO place to live!!! It sucks when you don't live in Provo to take a look at the apartments/condos/hole in the walls/whatever they are. We have looked online but it is pretty much pointless because we're not going to tell someone we want it if we haven't seen it and by the time we get to Provo they'll be gone or they are deleted a couple days later.

Basically, if you know of any housing that allows pets that is cheap, hook a girl up! Preferably if rent is in the $500-$700 that is a possibility.

We'll be back in Provo August 23rd! So 1 week before school starts we'll be here... to look at housing, hope the person moves out of where we look and decide we want (if we can find any), and move in! Man I am getting really stressed about this. So if you hear anyone in your ward who is moving...or anything let me know!

Here is what we are thinking:
  • 1+ bedrooms
  • 1+ bathrooms (whatev)
  • PET FRIENDLY (Obvi. Katinka is our baby- this is the hardest part about finding housing)
  • Location: Close-ish to campus. It would be nice to bike maybe?
  • Quality: no mold, floodings, insane amount of bugs, basically up to code would be awesome.
  • Washer/Dryer in unit OR W/D hookups (we got a ghetto set for real cheap thanks to Craigslist)
  • Dishwasher would be marvelous

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