Cliff Jumping

Kevin is not afraid to do anything. He is a thrill seeker. I am not. So he jumped off a 70 foot cliff (at Table Rock Lake). He did this before when he was younger.  Apparently you can get some narly bruises if you go in wrong.  Anyways, I would NEVER do that. Maybe if I was strapped into something. Maybe. And for money. Or clothes.
So Kevin & I canoed over to the cliff and here he is starting the hike up the back of the cliff.
Kevin up at the top looking down at me!!! Do you see him?
Okay do you see him now? Look at the white circle/sun spot and look down a little. You will see a little head poking over the top of the cliff.
And he jumped off the cliff.
And this is the cliff. It's the tallest part at the top on the left.  If you look down about 40 feet there is a little cave that some other people jump off, which is about 30. So he jumped off of it. And there is a big bird up there haha.
Kevin and I back in the canoe paddling back to the dock.
Who all has jumped off cliffs? And how high? I know my sister has done some maybe 60-70 feet in Hawaii.


  1. can't wait to see you!!!!!
    Looks like you guys are having a blast at the lake.
    I'm making you cliff jump, and you will love it.
    2 more weeks :)