Wisdom Teeth Surgery

So last Tuesday, June 1, 2010, I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. The oral surgeons office was very country western and I knew immediately that Kevin would have loved it. I wanted to take pictures of it but I didn't haha. I had to be there really early 6:45 because my appointment was at 7 am, so I thought I'd be out at 7...but it took forever! They took my dad and I into this room and starting telling me why I needed to get my wisdom teeth out (which I had already decided we were doing that so it was a waste of time) and made us watch a horror movie on it, which didn't make me feel good.

Then they took me into the room and layed me down on a chair and gave me laughing gas. I had never had laughing gas before. It was weird. She put the mask on me and told me to breathe deeply but I didn't really want to so I breathed out of my mouth for a while. How does laughing gas make you feel? I thought I would laugh but I didn't. I felt so weird and was in a weird state of being. My body wanted to just go to sleep but my mind was pretty much there. The lady told me if I started spinning and was feeling nauseous to let her know and she'd turn it down, and I started feeling nauseous but didn't tell her. I just tried to not be nauseous. I have had some surgeries before (sinus surgeries) and I think it is so weird when they strap your body down. They strapped my arms down.  Then she was playing with my arm trying to put an IV in and I thought it would be funny to just jerk it up and hit someone because I felt like I was totally gone but then I would think I'm totally awake and would act like the nitrous didn't affect me. Haha, I didn't hit anyone but I wanted to and probably should have.  Then I fell asleep and I was so glad because I don't think I'm a fan of that laughing gas.

I woke up and had to pee like crazy thanks to the IV. They wouldn't let me go for a long time and I was annoyed. Then I had to walk laps around the office with them before she would let me go to the bathroom.  This is a really embarrassing picture that my dad took of me but I feel like it is pretty funny. So props to me, because I look like crap and my face looks so white and so fat, thanks to swelling and gauze.
So this past week was pretty awful! (June 1-June 8) The first day I felt the best and I was shocked. But then the day after the surgery I felt awful and then was like that all week and am starting to feel a little bit normal now.
Question: Did anyones teeth still hurt and ache over a week after? Mine do. OH well.

The best part of surgery is...
-Friends coming over. Emily came over the day of my surgery and brought me a Frosty thanks to Wendy's. All i ate that day was 1.5 yogurts and a Frosty!
-You get to sleep a lot! But after awhile it gets old, but for the most part its great.
-You lose weight. Although I didn't really lose much at all like maybe 2 pounds which I"m sure I gained now. But when I had sinus surgery I remember I lost a lot...which all came back :) Hahaha.
-You don't have much responsibility and people will get your medicine and ice packs because you are too nauseous. Haha.
-You get to watch A LOT of TV & Movies. I love this. I watched...
all of Season 1 of Gossip Girl! Thanks Mindy for letting me borrow Season 1 & 2!
Well, glad it's over! Just need my huge holes in my mouth to close up so I can stop irrigating them!!!


  1. Oh man I had no idea you had your wisdom teeth taken out! I would have come to see you! Glad you're feeling better though :)

  2. Oh haha! It's okay! But yeah it sucked!!!! Have a good day!