Road Trip

So last Monday, May 31, I drove from Provo to FoCo (Fort Collins).  I had to drive out solo (well, with Katinka) because I was getting my wisdom teeth out June 1 (Tuesday).  And that was the latest I could drive out and our stuff wasn't completely moved out and cleaned in time.  So Kevin stayed back. 
I hate driving for so long. Especially by myself. Do you like long road trips by yourself?
Here is a picture I took when I stopped to let Katinka out to go potty. Out in the middle of no wheres in Green River, Wyoming. This is probably the most scenic place of the whole trip!
Katinka was in her kennel the whole ride and I would look back at her.  She stayed awake mostly the whole time but looked SO tired. She kept getting squinty eyes and almost falling asleep but she was too close to the front of her kennel.  I had her water/food dish in the front and she was hanging over it.  So I even pulled over once to move her stuff in the kennel so she could lie down.  Then I drove off and she still sat in the very front of the kennel with her head hanging right over the food dish.  Then she finally fell asleep...with her head in the water part hahaha. She cracks me up.
Yes, I totally took this picture while driving. See her head resting in the water? All her hair around her face was so wet when I let her out at our destination in FoCo. I love her.

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