KC TBones

As you may have noticed (my avid readers) my posts are out of control, random, and not in order so random again.  I have been so busy! But here is a tidbit of what we did June 18th.  June 18th was a Friday and it was 'Wachter night' meaning free tickets for employees and their families to see the Kansas City T-Bones (Independent league) Baseball team play.  We went with Greg & Kathy (Kev's parents).
Here is part of the T-Bones field
Kevin smiling while I sneak pictures
We got free water bottles (which later that water bottle killed my iPhone by releasing it's water and creating an ocean for my phone to swim in) and free 'T-Bones' cash.  That cash is a sweet thing. We got dollar hotdogs, drinks, funnel cakes, and I saved my cash for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dipp'n Dots! Of course! I even had leftover money and used it at the T-Bones' fan shop.  
My dad's hats are sold at the T-Bones games as he makes hats for the team! I took a picture for him to see their display. Here they are!
I got my first Baseball bracelet (as in made out of the stitching of an actual Baseball). It was very fun to go to a Baseball game and it was weird because it wasn't BYU Baseball. I felt weird going to a game that Kevin wasn't playing in! It made me sad that he won't play ever again. :( But I did feel good just being at a Baseball field! Guess you can't play Baseball forever! It was a lot of fun!

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