Hunter's Baptism Day

 Hunter (with a silly face) & me (Feb. of 2009)
Hunter, my youngest brother, turned 8 years old on May 9th and since we are LDS (Latter-day Saints aka Mormons) he got to be baptized at age 8.  I am so proud of his decision to get baptized!!! 
Here are some pictures of the day of his baptism and possibly a couple days before. My grandpa, Opi (my mom's dad), has an extremely nice camera, which I would like to steal, and took these pictures of our house and at the baptism. He is always the best and takes all of the pictures for everyone!!! Thanks Opi!!!
Lake with the reflection of the clouds :)
Kevin mowing earlier in the day with the John Deere tractor haha. Actually this was a 2-day ordeal as the tractor overheated.
Front yard with view of the Rocky Mountains. Got to love Colorado!!!
Family with Hunter right before his baptism. Left to right- Kelsi, Dad (David), Mom (NiKol), Hunter (in white), Zach, Kevin, me, Patrick
Kevin & I. This was a couple days after I had my wisdom teeth out so my cheeks are a little fatter than usual so don't judge!!! Haha. Man, they hurt so bad here! We had a barbecue after his baptism. Friends and family came over and had amazing food, which I didn't really eat :( All I ate was watermelon and chewed on teeny bits of hamburger meat for an hour. Then an ice cream sandwich!
 Another shot of the lake
 Our house. View from on the lake in the canoe.
 Cute family of ducks!
Baby ducklings in these eggs!!! Kevin almost ran over (with the mowing tractor) this nest hidden in a bunch of tall grasses by our tennis court!
Zach and CaLon (my cousin) in the Ranger.
Our tennis court
CaLon (cousin) & Zach (my brother) in our hammock
Well I feel like that was kind of a random post but Hunter's baptism was good. He only got dunked once. The boy who got baptized before him didn't even get his head wet the first time haha.  So he had to get dunked again.  Hunter was really cute and got scriptures for his 8th birthday.  He loves reading his scriptures now.  He says he reads a chapter every night before he goes to bed.  It was a special day :)

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