Colorado Weekend

So this post is long overdue, my bad. So much has gone on the past couple weeks so I have quite a few blog posts I'd like to post sooner than later. So Kevin was out of town for BYU Baseball (as usual) and the flights were cheap from Salt Lake - Denver and vice versa, so I went to home sweet home for my oldest brother, Patrick's high school graduation. It was so much fun! I hung out with my good friend Emily, my family, did girl-y things with my mom, and went to all of my favorite spots in FoCo (Fort Collins).

May 19, 2010- Wednesday
I flew in Denver around afternoon and as I was walking back to the baggage claim, this little old Spanish lady tries speaking to me, in Spanish! Okay, I don't know Spanish. I know No hablo espanol or May llamo Ashley or Hola!!! She was very confused and I had no idea what she was saying. I just knew she was lost and so I was trying to help her. I basically had her follow me in the train and then she didn't know where to go when she got off so I motioned for her to follow me up the escalator. Then I tried talking to security seeing if someone spoke Spanish and no one did. But another security person let me go and tried to figure her out. I've never had a desire to learn Spanish, sorry but I don't, but I kind of wanted to help her...maybe I should learn some sometime! But I LOVE German...that is what I chose to take in junior high and high school! But poor little old lady!
Then after we got into Foco, we ate dinner at Cafe Mexicali (same thing as Cafe Rio) and I had their amazing pork salad.

May 20, 2010- Thursday
My mom and I did some girl-y things this day. We started the day off with Cafe Athens. It is a new Greek restaurant in a new area in FoCo.
Funny story: As my mom went to pay for our food, the waiter said, "Oh nope, you are good to go!" And my mom was like confused, "What?" The waiter said, "A patron of the restaurant offered to pick up your tab and has already paid for your meals, so you are set to go." My mom and I were like shocked like thinking what the heck?? And I started laughing because it was real awkward and there weren't many men in the restaurant as it was a smaller one and we could pretty much see everyone in the restaurant. My mom asked, "Who?" and the waiter said, "He asked to remain anonymous." So it was really awkward and earlier while we were eating, we were sitting at a booth texting during one point and our wedding rings were for sure very visible. So it was weird. And I suggested we sneak out of the back exit because we didn't want to walk by everyone and I was laughing too hard. So that was hilarious. So some guy payed for our meal so it made it better but really were both married and what was the point? Here is my FREE gyro!
We then got manis/pedis at the nail place where Mindy works. I got a cute pink coral color on my toes and a natural color on my hands. We picked up some groceries and I made my "Italian meal" which was FABULOUS! We then went to Zach's 8th grade graduation which was very interesting. They changed the school system here so now 9th grade is in high school...which for me it was still in junior high. So they had awards for the smart kids and whatnot and a teacher and some of his friends played some music...the teacher was in a band and apparantly auditioned for American Idol and got decently far, so he was legit. It was sweaty and hot in the gym and it was too much for my family and I. THANK goodness for iPhones (pretty bored). Then my mom and I ran to Cinemark and saw Letters to Juliet. It was a cute movie but VERY predictable and there were some definite dorky parts hahaha.

May 21, 2010- Friday
My mom and I decided to drive down to CO Springs to surprise Kevin at his game. Kevin owes us because it overall took 6 hours of driving to watch that game, lol. BYU was killing Air Force, which kind of sucked because Kevin mostly pitches in tight stressful situations when its tied, BUT....our 3rd basemen got hit by the ball, while at-bat, and KEVIN WENT IN for him! Sadly it was the top of the 9th and the next batter struck out so Kevin was left alone on 1st base haha. But at least he played the bottom of the 9th. Kevin would LOVED to have played 3rd base every year. That is where he has the most experience. And that is really where he always was growing up. But of course he gets way more playing time as a pitcher so he focused strictly on pitching this year, so it was awesome. We were so glad he got to play, especially because we drove SO LONG to see him! He caught the ball and got an out!

Air Force Academy Baseball field, Colorado Springs
Bottom of the 9th innin..and Kevin played 3rd!!!
Does it look like he loves me?I love him!Then we met the team at On the Border and then we headed to Park Meadows to shop at Nordstroms till it closed. We only had 50 minutes in there...which means not enough time! But my mom got a bunch of cute dresses and I got a shirt and little jacket :)

May 22, 2010- Saturday
- Patrick's Graduation!
My mom & I waiting for graduation to start. We got good seats in the CSU Moby Arena. Some people are freaks and rude about getting seats to see their kids walk across and take a piece of paper. One lady was rude to my mom and another lady ran right into me and made a loud noise as I was supposed to move out of her way.
My grandpa (dad's dad) playing a racing game on my dad's iPad. So hilarious.Here is the family (minus Kelsi & Kevin)I'm so proud of Patrick for graduating, well mainly for getting accepted into BYU. BYU is the bomb and Patrick is a genius. But really. He is way smarter than I ever was. He has a special white drapery deal (you see in the pic?) because he is the President of FBLA/DECA...big time Business club. He has done so many business competitions and won state and competed nationally many times. He is just so smart! He even has his own company. You can become a fan of his company on Facebook by searching Powwow. It is a lifestyle brand and he has designed the logo and sold thousands of his hats to big retailers who purchase Zephyr hats. Basically he is smart and will be very successful and it will be fun to have him in the Marriott School of Business! Can't wait to see what he does!
Then we all went to Famous Dave's BBQ...and it was INCREDIBLE. I love that place. I've become obsessed with taking pictures of food? I remind myself of Kevin right now. I texted Kev this picture and it made him really jealous. Check it out: Pork brisket on bread, cornbread muffin, mac 'n' cheese with jalapenos, sweet mashed potatoes, & corn.

May 23, 2010- Sunday- Back to Utah... :(

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