The Bunnies

There are so many bunnies around my parent's house in Fort Collins, CO. I was there for almost a week recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery.  The first night and when I still had those teeth I let Katinka out to run around in our yard.  The yard is huge. There are a lot of bunnies and Katinka went off chasing them. It was so funny! The bunnies and Katinka were very similar in size and she ran real fast until the bunnies hid in some bushes, in a hole, or in the rain gutter...
Here is Katinka trying to get the baby bunny out of the gutter...it was  real close to the opening of the hole.  Katinka chased the bunny in there and when Katinka would touch the gutter the bunny would make weird noises trying to stay in the gutter.
And here is one of the many bunnies Katinka had fun chasing! Look!!! You can totally see the white tail! That hand is Hunter's and he even touched the back of the bunny. Not really smart...as some carry diseases.
I just thought these pictures were cute and I had so much fun being outside in our yard so I thought I would share!

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