The Temp

I am 
(If you didn't understand what just happened, something is wrong with you. But really. Try watching 'The Office' but I'm serious, it will CHANGE your life!!!)

Well, I don't know if I'm actually titled a 'Temp' but I think I am. I do random things for random people!

Everyday I work 8 am to 5 pm (at Wachter). 40 hours a week. I've definitely never worked this much! I've only worked part-time before but man being at work at 8 is sure early! Haha.  Plus work is 30 minutes away. So I am trying to go to bed real early each day.  Getting in bed by 11 pm is so hard! It never happens.
Kevin has taken me out to lunch a couple of times. And he brought me flowers once. They made my cubicle so pretty :)  Oh and do you like the picture of Kevin? (Picture below) Kevin's dad printed it off and was reading it as I walked by his office (he's the VP of the company) and he gave it to me haha. So now I stare at him when I need a break! Not kidding. Creepy?
Here's my cubicle with the flowers, thanks to my hubby!
Anna (Kevin's sister) came to work 3 times last week, as we took turns being the secretary.  The secretary, Ronda, was on vacation so we tackled this task.  If you've ever used a switchboard you will know what I'm talking about when I mean it is actually kind of tricky...at first, until you get the hang of it.  You would think answering the phones, transferring calls, paging (which was scary at first haha) is so easy? Well what if you get 4 calls at once and a few are on hold and you don't know who to send them to? Well I don't know how many employees are in this office but there are quite a lot (approx. 70?). And most of them have extensions and some you have to page ("so and so...you have a call on line 101....") on the loudspeaker, which is embarrassing if you mess up ha.  Anna said someones name really funny once.  But I think Anna and I did really well.  It was fun working with her...we got really loopy and laughed a lot when she was answering calls while I was alphabetizing invoices for the Accounts Payable girls. We did other things than just answer the phone though.

Funny story: Anna was on her lunch break and I was answering the phone.  She called in and I say, "Thank you for calling Wachter!" And she says, "I have a question about your toilets..." And in my head I was thinking..."Hmm...who is in charge of random things in the office...the warehouse guy?..." But I said, "Ummm, okay..." Ha. Then she hung up and texted me "Hahahahah" But yes, it is hard to pretend like your not laughing when your laughing.  Other employees probably think I'm weird if they heard me laughing all by myself (the secretary's desk is in an atrium so people in the 2nd floor could potentially hear...) And Anna did hear me laughing later that day as I called her (I'm on the 2nd floor) and hung up hahaha.

Well, that is a little look into what I am doing daily here in good ol' Missouri! But my work is actually in Lenexa, Kansas...fyi. And I do a lot more random things than being a secretary :)

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