2nd Place: Golf

Now that Kevin is no longer a collegiate athlete, he is diving headfirst into the wonderful world of Golf. He loves Baseball first but Golf is close in second place.  We went golfing with Dane & Taylor for a break during our day of packing. We went to Sleep Hallow or Ridge? I don't remember what it is called. It is a links course though.
Kevin & I
Kevin's follow through
Kevin & Dane looking at one of their shots
Me about to hit an amazing drive! Dane gave me some good tips on my stroke. Too bad these clubs are so big. I have to choke up on them kind of a lot. Anyone have girl clubs?
I just thought this picture was funny...it was SO bright! So I look crazy!
Cute Dane & Taylor! And baby girl to be (in Taylor's tummy)
It was a lot of fun! I do need to practice more and work on my swing and contact point...so I'm sure I will go again this summer!

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