KC TBones

As you may have noticed (my avid readers) my posts are out of control, random, and not in order so random again.  I have been so busy! But here is a tidbit of what we did June 18th.  June 18th was a Friday and it was 'Wachter night' meaning free tickets for employees and their families to see the Kansas City T-Bones (Independent league) Baseball team play.  We went with Greg & Kathy (Kev's parents).
Here is part of the T-Bones field
Kevin smiling while I sneak pictures
We got free water bottles (which later that water bottle killed my iPhone by releasing it's water and creating an ocean for my phone to swim in) and free 'T-Bones' cash.  That cash is a sweet thing. We got dollar hotdogs, drinks, funnel cakes, and I saved my cash for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dipp'n Dots! Of course! I even had leftover money and used it at the T-Bones' fan shop.  
My dad's hats are sold at the T-Bones games as he makes hats for the team! I took a picture for him to see their display. Here they are!
I got my first Baseball bracelet (as in made out of the stitching of an actual Baseball). It was very fun to go to a Baseball game and it was weird because it wasn't BYU Baseball. I felt weird going to a game that Kevin wasn't playing in! It made me sad that he won't play ever again. :( But I did feel good just being at a Baseball field! Guess you can't play Baseball forever! It was a lot of fun!


Hunter's Baptism Day

 Hunter (with a silly face) & me (Feb. of 2009)
Hunter, my youngest brother, turned 8 years old on May 9th and since we are LDS (Latter-day Saints aka Mormons) he got to be baptized at age 8.  I am so proud of his decision to get baptized!!! 
Here are some pictures of the day of his baptism and possibly a couple days before. My grandpa, Opi (my mom's dad), has an extremely nice camera, which I would like to steal, and took these pictures of our house and at the baptism. He is always the best and takes all of the pictures for everyone!!! Thanks Opi!!!
Lake with the reflection of the clouds :)
Kevin mowing earlier in the day with the John Deere tractor haha. Actually this was a 2-day ordeal as the tractor overheated.
Front yard with view of the Rocky Mountains. Got to love Colorado!!!
Family with Hunter right before his baptism. Left to right- Kelsi, Dad (David), Mom (NiKol), Hunter (in white), Zach, Kevin, me, Patrick
Kevin & I. This was a couple days after I had my wisdom teeth out so my cheeks are a little fatter than usual so don't judge!!! Haha. Man, they hurt so bad here! We had a barbecue after his baptism. Friends and family came over and had amazing food, which I didn't really eat :( All I ate was watermelon and chewed on teeny bits of hamburger meat for an hour. Then an ice cream sandwich!
 Another shot of the lake
 Our house. View from on the lake in the canoe.
 Cute family of ducks!
Baby ducklings in these eggs!!! Kevin almost ran over (with the mowing tractor) this nest hidden in a bunch of tall grasses by our tennis court!
Zach and CaLon (my cousin) in the Ranger.
Our tennis court
CaLon (cousin) & Zach (my brother) in our hammock
Well I feel like that was kind of a random post but Hunter's baptism was good. He only got dunked once. The boy who got baptized before him didn't even get his head wet the first time haha.  So he had to get dunked again.  Hunter was really cute and got scriptures for his 8th birthday.  He loves reading his scriptures now.  He says he reads a chapter every night before he goes to bed.  It was a special day :)


The Temp

I am 
(If you didn't understand what just happened, something is wrong with you. But really. Try watching 'The Office' but I'm serious, it will CHANGE your life!!!)

Well, I don't know if I'm actually titled a 'Temp' but I think I am. I do random things for random people!

Everyday I work 8 am to 5 pm (at Wachter). 40 hours a week. I've definitely never worked this much! I've only worked part-time before but man being at work at 8 is sure early! Haha.  Plus work is 30 minutes away. So I am trying to go to bed real early each day.  Getting in bed by 11 pm is so hard! It never happens.
Kevin has taken me out to lunch a couple of times. And he brought me flowers once. They made my cubicle so pretty :)  Oh and do you like the picture of Kevin? (Picture below) Kevin's dad printed it off and was reading it as I walked by his office (he's the VP of the company) and he gave it to me haha. So now I stare at him when I need a break! Not kidding. Creepy?
Here's my cubicle with the flowers, thanks to my hubby!
Anna (Kevin's sister) came to work 3 times last week, as we took turns being the secretary.  The secretary, Ronda, was on vacation so we tackled this task.  If you've ever used a switchboard you will know what I'm talking about when I mean it is actually kind of tricky...at first, until you get the hang of it.  You would think answering the phones, transferring calls, paging (which was scary at first haha) is so easy? Well what if you get 4 calls at once and a few are on hold and you don't know who to send them to? Well I don't know how many employees are in this office but there are quite a lot (approx. 70?). And most of them have extensions and some you have to page ("so and so...you have a call on line 101....") on the loudspeaker, which is embarrassing if you mess up ha.  Anna said someones name really funny once.  But I think Anna and I did really well.  It was fun working with her...we got really loopy and laughed a lot when she was answering calls while I was alphabetizing invoices for the Accounts Payable girls. We did other things than just answer the phone though.

Funny story: Anna was on her lunch break and I was answering the phone.  She called in and I say, "Thank you for calling Wachter!" And she says, "I have a question about your toilets..." And in my head I was thinking..."Hmm...who is in charge of random things in the office...the warehouse guy?..." But I said, "Ummm, okay..." Ha. Then she hung up and texted me "Hahahahah" But yes, it is hard to pretend like your not laughing when your laughing.  Other employees probably think I'm weird if they heard me laughing all by myself (the secretary's desk is in an atrium so people in the 2nd floor could potentially hear...) And Anna did hear me laughing later that day as I called her (I'm on the 2nd floor) and hung up hahaha.

Well, that is a little look into what I am doing daily here in good ol' Missouri! But my work is actually in Lenexa, Kansas...fyi. And I do a lot more random things than being a secretary :)


A Quote to Live By

For Kevin and I's wedding a cute older couple in my ward gave us a gift along with 2 little cards each with a quote typed on it.  The cards were laminated and the size of a credit card...to slip in my wallet and Kevins. 

Yesterday my water bottle flooded my purse which drowned my 3G iPhone (sad day) along with a lot of other things.  I emptied my wallet and found the card which I need to read more often.  I love the quote that is on the card. I like it so much I thought I'd share.

The quote is by Gordon B. Hinckley which states,

"Cherish your spouse as the greatest possession of your life and treat him or her accordingly.  Make it your constant goal to add to the happiness and comfort of your companion.  Never permit yourself to let down your affection, or your respect, or your faith in one another.  Be excellent in every way."

PS. I'll blog more later! So busy!


Whats New

So I feel out of the loop with our friends in Utah but I just wanted everyone to know we moved! We are now living in Kansas City, Missouri in Kevin's parents' home!

Kevin is working for his brother-in-law's company Eco Elite Pest Control, where Kevin is going door to door selling pest control! He got shin splints the first week so we will see what happens, hopefully those shins get stronger? Haha, I don't know how to get rid of them. Kevin is working everyday well Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm.  So basically I never see him because I leave for work when he is sleeping and then he gets home and we have like 1 or 2 hours to hangout. So sad!!! I hate not being able to see him that much.

I am working at Wachter, Inc.  Wachter is a company that Kevin's dad works for.  It is an electric and network services company, so don't ask me what that means because I don't really understand! Haha, I just do whatever other people don't want to do like entering in data for a few hours or filing things or calling random people to get city, county, or state licenses.  I work 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, so kind of a big deal!

Katinka is hanging out and chewing on her bones a lot. I feel bad leaving her in her little area everyday but you do what you gotta do to make money.  She will be getting a haircut soon!!! Hallelujah! I haven't gotten her groomed once but I think it is time. I just love her.  When Tara comes over and brings her kids, Zach and Lily & I play with her outside a lot.

That's basically it, and my teeth or holes where my wisdom teeth used to be, still hurts. ANDDD....we leave for our 2 week Scandanavian cruise in a few weeks which takes us all through Northern Europe!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

How have your summers been?

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

So last Tuesday, June 1, 2010, I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. The oral surgeons office was very country western and I knew immediately that Kevin would have loved it. I wanted to take pictures of it but I didn't haha. I had to be there really early 6:45 because my appointment was at 7 am, so I thought I'd be out at 7...but it took forever! They took my dad and I into this room and starting telling me why I needed to get my wisdom teeth out (which I had already decided we were doing that so it was a waste of time) and made us watch a horror movie on it, which didn't make me feel good.

Then they took me into the room and layed me down on a chair and gave me laughing gas. I had never had laughing gas before. It was weird. She put the mask on me and told me to breathe deeply but I didn't really want to so I breathed out of my mouth for a while. How does laughing gas make you feel? I thought I would laugh but I didn't. I felt so weird and was in a weird state of being. My body wanted to just go to sleep but my mind was pretty much there. The lady told me if I started spinning and was feeling nauseous to let her know and she'd turn it down, and I started feeling nauseous but didn't tell her. I just tried to not be nauseous. I have had some surgeries before (sinus surgeries) and I think it is so weird when they strap your body down. They strapped my arms down.  Then she was playing with my arm trying to put an IV in and I thought it would be funny to just jerk it up and hit someone because I felt like I was totally gone but then I would think I'm totally awake and would act like the nitrous didn't affect me. Haha, I didn't hit anyone but I wanted to and probably should have.  Then I fell asleep and I was so glad because I don't think I'm a fan of that laughing gas.

I woke up and had to pee like crazy thanks to the IV. They wouldn't let me go for a long time and I was annoyed. Then I had to walk laps around the office with them before she would let me go to the bathroom.  This is a really embarrassing picture that my dad took of me but I feel like it is pretty funny. So props to me, because I look like crap and my face looks so white and so fat, thanks to swelling and gauze.
So this past week was pretty awful! (June 1-June 8) The first day I felt the best and I was shocked. But then the day after the surgery I felt awful and then was like that all week and am starting to feel a little bit normal now.
Question: Did anyones teeth still hurt and ache over a week after? Mine do. OH well.

The best part of surgery is...
-Friends coming over. Emily came over the day of my surgery and brought me a Frosty thanks to Wendy's. All i ate that day was 1.5 yogurts and a Frosty!
-You get to sleep a lot! But after awhile it gets old, but for the most part its great.
-You lose weight. Although I didn't really lose much at all like maybe 2 pounds which I"m sure I gained now. But when I had sinus surgery I remember I lost a lot...which all came back :) Hahaha.
-You don't have much responsibility and people will get your medicine and ice packs because you are too nauseous. Haha.
-You get to watch A LOT of TV & Movies. I love this. I watched...
all of Season 1 of Gossip Girl! Thanks Mindy for letting me borrow Season 1 & 2!
Well, glad it's over! Just need my huge holes in my mouth to close up so I can stop irrigating them!!!


The Bunnies

There are so many bunnies around my parent's house in Fort Collins, CO. I was there for almost a week recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery.  The first night and when I still had those teeth I let Katinka out to run around in our yard.  The yard is huge. There are a lot of bunnies and Katinka went off chasing them. It was so funny! The bunnies and Katinka were very similar in size and she ran real fast until the bunnies hid in some bushes, in a hole, or in the rain gutter...
Here is Katinka trying to get the baby bunny out of the gutter...it was  real close to the opening of the hole.  Katinka chased the bunny in there and when Katinka would touch the gutter the bunny would make weird noises trying to stay in the gutter.
And here is one of the many bunnies Katinka had fun chasing! Look!!! You can totally see the white tail! That hand is Hunter's and he even touched the back of the bunny. Not really smart...as some carry diseases.
I just thought these pictures were cute and I had so much fun being outside in our yard so I thought I would share!

Road Trip

So last Monday, May 31, I drove from Provo to FoCo (Fort Collins).  I had to drive out solo (well, with Katinka) because I was getting my wisdom teeth out June 1 (Tuesday).  And that was the latest I could drive out and our stuff wasn't completely moved out and cleaned in time.  So Kevin stayed back. 
I hate driving for so long. Especially by myself. Do you like long road trips by yourself?
Here is a picture I took when I stopped to let Katinka out to go potty. Out in the middle of no wheres in Green River, Wyoming. This is probably the most scenic place of the whole trip!
Katinka was in her kennel the whole ride and I would look back at her.  She stayed awake mostly the whole time but looked SO tired. She kept getting squinty eyes and almost falling asleep but she was too close to the front of her kennel.  I had her water/food dish in the front and she was hanging over it.  So I even pulled over once to move her stuff in the kennel so she could lie down.  Then I drove off and she still sat in the very front of the kennel with her head hanging right over the food dish.  Then she finally fell asleep...with her head in the water part hahaha. She cracks me up.
Yes, I totally took this picture while driving. See her head resting in the water? All her hair around her face was so wet when I let her out at our destination in FoCo. I love her.


2nd Place: Golf

Now that Kevin is no longer a collegiate athlete, he is diving headfirst into the wonderful world of Golf. He loves Baseball first but Golf is close in second place.  We went golfing with Dane & Taylor for a break during our day of packing. We went to Sleep Hallow or Ridge? I don't remember what it is called. It is a links course though.
Kevin & I
Kevin's follow through
Kevin & Dane looking at one of their shots
Me about to hit an amazing drive! Dane gave me some good tips on my stroke. Too bad these clubs are so big. I have to choke up on them kind of a lot. Anyone have girl clubs?
I just thought this picture was funny...it was SO bright! So I look crazy!
Cute Dane & Taylor! And baby girl to be (in Taylor's tummy)
It was a lot of fun! I do need to practice more and work on my swing and contact point...so I'm sure I will go again this summer!


Colorado Weekend

So this post is long overdue, my bad. So much has gone on the past couple weeks so I have quite a few blog posts I'd like to post sooner than later. So Kevin was out of town for BYU Baseball (as usual) and the flights were cheap from Salt Lake - Denver and vice versa, so I went to home sweet home for my oldest brother, Patrick's high school graduation. It was so much fun! I hung out with my good friend Emily, my family, did girl-y things with my mom, and went to all of my favorite spots in FoCo (Fort Collins).

May 19, 2010- Wednesday
I flew in Denver around afternoon and as I was walking back to the baggage claim, this little old Spanish lady tries speaking to me, in Spanish! Okay, I don't know Spanish. I know No hablo espanol or May llamo Ashley or Hola!!! She was very confused and I had no idea what she was saying. I just knew she was lost and so I was trying to help her. I basically had her follow me in the train and then she didn't know where to go when she got off so I motioned for her to follow me up the escalator. Then I tried talking to security seeing if someone spoke Spanish and no one did. But another security person let me go and tried to figure her out. I've never had a desire to learn Spanish, sorry but I don't, but I kind of wanted to help her...maybe I should learn some sometime! But I LOVE German...that is what I chose to take in junior high and high school! But poor little old lady!
Then after we got into Foco, we ate dinner at Cafe Mexicali (same thing as Cafe Rio) and I had their amazing pork salad.

May 20, 2010- Thursday
My mom and I did some girl-y things this day. We started the day off with Cafe Athens. It is a new Greek restaurant in a new area in FoCo.
Funny story: As my mom went to pay for our food, the waiter said, "Oh nope, you are good to go!" And my mom was like confused, "What?" The waiter said, "A patron of the restaurant offered to pick up your tab and has already paid for your meals, so you are set to go." My mom and I were like shocked like thinking what the heck?? And I started laughing because it was real awkward and there weren't many men in the restaurant as it was a smaller one and we could pretty much see everyone in the restaurant. My mom asked, "Who?" and the waiter said, "He asked to remain anonymous." So it was really awkward and earlier while we were eating, we were sitting at a booth texting during one point and our wedding rings were for sure very visible. So it was weird. And I suggested we sneak out of the back exit because we didn't want to walk by everyone and I was laughing too hard. So that was hilarious. So some guy payed for our meal so it made it better but really were both married and what was the point? Here is my FREE gyro!
We then got manis/pedis at the nail place where Mindy works. I got a cute pink coral color on my toes and a natural color on my hands. We picked up some groceries and I made my "Italian meal" which was FABULOUS! We then went to Zach's 8th grade graduation which was very interesting. They changed the school system here so now 9th grade is in high school...which for me it was still in junior high. So they had awards for the smart kids and whatnot and a teacher and some of his friends played some music...the teacher was in a band and apparantly auditioned for American Idol and got decently far, so he was legit. It was sweaty and hot in the gym and it was too much for my family and I. THANK goodness for iPhones (pretty bored). Then my mom and I ran to Cinemark and saw Letters to Juliet. It was a cute movie but VERY predictable and there were some definite dorky parts hahaha.

May 21, 2010- Friday
My mom and I decided to drive down to CO Springs to surprise Kevin at his game. Kevin owes us because it overall took 6 hours of driving to watch that game, lol. BYU was killing Air Force, which kind of sucked because Kevin mostly pitches in tight stressful situations when its tied, BUT....our 3rd basemen got hit by the ball, while at-bat, and KEVIN WENT IN for him! Sadly it was the top of the 9th and the next batter struck out so Kevin was left alone on 1st base haha. But at least he played the bottom of the 9th. Kevin would LOVED to have played 3rd base every year. That is where he has the most experience. And that is really where he always was growing up. But of course he gets way more playing time as a pitcher so he focused strictly on pitching this year, so it was awesome. We were so glad he got to play, especially because we drove SO LONG to see him! He caught the ball and got an out!

Air Force Academy Baseball field, Colorado Springs
Bottom of the 9th innin..and Kevin played 3rd!!!
Does it look like he loves me?I love him!Then we met the team at On the Border and then we headed to Park Meadows to shop at Nordstroms till it closed. We only had 50 minutes in there...which means not enough time! But my mom got a bunch of cute dresses and I got a shirt and little jacket :)

May 22, 2010- Saturday
- Patrick's Graduation!
My mom & I waiting for graduation to start. We got good seats in the CSU Moby Arena. Some people are freaks and rude about getting seats to see their kids walk across and take a piece of paper. One lady was rude to my mom and another lady ran right into me and made a loud noise as I was supposed to move out of her way.
My grandpa (dad's dad) playing a racing game on my dad's iPad. So hilarious.Here is the family (minus Kelsi & Kevin)I'm so proud of Patrick for graduating, well mainly for getting accepted into BYU. BYU is the bomb and Patrick is a genius. But really. He is way smarter than I ever was. He has a special white drapery deal (you see in the pic?) because he is the President of FBLA/DECA...big time Business club. He has done so many business competitions and won state and competed nationally many times. He is just so smart! He even has his own company. You can become a fan of his company on Facebook by searching Powwow. It is a lifestyle brand and he has designed the logo and sold thousands of his hats to big retailers who purchase Zephyr hats. Basically he is smart and will be very successful and it will be fun to have him in the Marriott School of Business! Can't wait to see what he does!
Then we all went to Famous Dave's BBQ...and it was INCREDIBLE. I love that place. I've become obsessed with taking pictures of food? I remind myself of Kevin right now. I texted Kev this picture and it made him really jealous. Check it out: Pork brisket on bread, cornbread muffin, mac 'n' cheese with jalapenos, sweet mashed potatoes, & corn.

May 23, 2010- Sunday- Back to Utah... :(