Weekend with Em!

So my good friend Emily came into town to hangout.  I have known her since Preston Junior High.  And we met in Photography class (Junior High).  I remember I overheard her talking to some other kids in Photo class about how her great grandparents helped build the Vail Pass in the Rocky Mountains.  Vail Pass is just some high mountain pass (according to AllVail.com) that takes you to different places (like it's a road) in the mountains.  Gotta be honest I just googled Vail Pass. Oh her last name is Vail. Emily Vail.  So I was like wow. But we met and became friends even through high school and we didn't even go to the same one. And we're still friends now.

Thursday- April 22, 2010
I picked Emily up at the airport and Emily freaked out when she saw In-N-Out from the freeway because she used to go to ASU and ate there all the time- and loved it.  So we went to In-N-Out. We do have some pictures from this event but I think they are not good so I will refrain from posting them. Ha. We saw Michael Bowen who just was at the BYU Baseball game (it was going on while I was driving to Salt Lake to pick her up).  Then Kevin met up with us.  It was a huge game and Kevin got the WIN. And apparently it was pretty intense. I'm so proud of Kevin.

Friday- April 23, 2010
-Kevin, Emily, & I looked at a beautiful condo that is too expensive and we have decided we won't move there.  I guess I didn't pay attention to HOA fees. Woops. 
-We all ate at Costa Vida.  Emily lives in Fort Collins (my hometown) now and they used to have Costa Vida there but for some reason they closed it.  I accidently ordered a chicken taco instead of a chicken enchilada. Big difference.  But still delish.
-Then Kevin went to practice and we went to the Women's Expo! Hallelujah! That place is amazing! I picked out tons of cute accessories for Emily (as headbands are starting to become more popular in CO).  I bought a cute headband, a cardigan, and 2 little hairpieces.  And that was actually really amazing, as in amazing coming away from the Expo with so little! Emily definitely splurged haha.
-We went to the BYU Baseball vs. Utah game. BYU sucked and lost. But it was still fun.  I'll post about the BYU vs. Utah series soon.
-Then after the game we all went to Terra Mia Restaurant. WOW I love that place. Authentic Italian pizza. This stuff is good.
I'm holding up the best pizza = Mi Amore (Provolone, Sauce, Olive Oil, Sausage, Spinach, and Cherry Tomatoes)
Kevin making a unique face as usual. Love him.
And I do love him! Oh and if you are hardcore Italian you will get Pesto Prosciutto like Kevin.
-Then we went home and watched Armageddon and fell asleep.  I thought it was a war movie but it was actually a space one.

Saturday- April 24, 2010
-Slept in and got ready to head out to The Bombay House for lunch before the last Baseball game of the 3-game series vs. Utah. Yes I blog about this place quite often. It is very Indian and I love it. Sadly as we got there it wasn't open for lunch so we ended up at Cherry Lane Keepsakes Boutique (another place I blog about).  Emily got some fun stuff.
-Game time- Kev got the 2nd WIN vs. Utah...so the only 2 wins possible.  Check for upcoming post.
-Ran some errands
-Went to Blake & Whitney's Open House in American Fork. They actually got married last night (but this was a week before). They are SO cute together! Love them. Blake plays Baseball for BYU.
Here is the happy couple:

-Then a friend came over with his dog Leo and Katinka was all up in Leo's budniss. She was so forward and up in his grill.  Leo is blind in one eye so is pretty shy and timid but man Katinka was sure wanting to play. Poor Leo.

-Emily & I went to Target and found some sweet clothes for her.
-Then we watched the rest of Armageddon and fell asleep.

Sunday- April 25, 2010
-Made headbands
-Emily & I made Rice with Tofu and Teriyaki Sauce and Peas. It was fabulous.
-This was a very lazy day
-Oh and Emily made a blog

Monday- April 26, 2010
-Went to PowerPump at Golds Gym and of course had to deal with the awful salespeople and I was sore for seriously 4 days after...pathetic.
-Went to Zupas and had Nuts About Berries salads
-Went to the mall and Emily got some sweet outfits from Forever 21
-We had to sneak in some Sub Zero ice cream
-Then I had to drive her back to the airport...

It was so much fun!

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